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Parsa Panahi made the bold move from Tehran, Iran to the United States after completing high school, charting his path into the realms of sales and finance. His acute attention to detail, rooted in his passion for mathematics, has guided his successful tenure in the mortgage industry. After spending 8 years on the West Coast, Parsa relocated to Long Island, New York, where he currently serves as a Mortgage Banker at the Federal Savings Bank. His roles have ranged from a Platinum Mortgage Loan Originator to a Relationship Manager, demonstrating his adeptness in sales and customer service roles across different regions and institutions.

With a resilient spirit, Parsa has thrived in the mortgage and finance sectors, leveraging challenging circumstances as opportunities for remarkable success. His wealth of experience allows him to navigate the complexities of the mortgage market with ease, providing clients with tailored financial solutions. Parsa’s proficiency in the field, coupled with his passion for delivering personalized service, enables him to guide borrowers in structuring optimal mortgage plans to meet their financial aspirations.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Parsa finds joy in exploring his interests in health and wellness, as well as engaging in action sports such as dirt biking, snowboarding, and paintball. He cherishes his moments of leisure, often spent forging connections with new acquaintances and nurturing existing relationships. As a dedicated individual, Parsa values the importance of meaningful interactions, both within his community and among his circle of loved ones.