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Manu is originally from San Jose, CA. After receiving a Bachelor’s in Economics from UC Davis, she earned an MA in business management from the University of Westminster, London. Manu always knew she wanted to work in the real estate field. She developed a passion for the lending industry after seeing a huge gap in the Indianapolis, IN market. With her grit and skillset, she quickly turned this into a very successful referral-based business. At The Federal Savings Bank, Manu is excited about building on this success with a strong team of loan partners.

Manu Kaur joins The Federal Savings Bank as an experienced and trusted Mortgage Banker. She has helped hundreds of families in the Indianapolis area and now joins The Federal Savings Bank after learning about their wide array of lending products to help clients across all 50 states. Since problem solving is a challenge she enjoys, she views every client’s financial needs as a unique opportunity to apply her skillset. She is fluent in Punjabi and English and enjoys coaching her first-time home buyers as well as those looking to build income through investment properties.

When she is not working tirelessly, Manu enjoys spending time with her family, and catching up with friends all over the globe. She loves to travel and try different cuisines.