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Larry Fisher brings over 37 years of industry expertise to the table, with a career deeply rooted in the mortgage landscape. His journey has been marked by a passion for construction lending, home building, and financing.

Originally hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Larry made his mark in the Nashville, TN area. His journey began in residential lending, but it was his transition to construction lending that truly ignited his passion. Taking the reins of the local construction division at a savings bank, Larry gained firsthand experience in the intricacies of financing home construction. Larry’s career path then led him westward. First, Nebraska beckoned—a new chapter with the same bank. But it was Colorado that truly captured his heart. Why? Because Larry believes that snow is best enjoyed against the backdrop of majestic mountains. In the Centennial State, he became a trusted resource, facilitating the construction financing of countless custom homes nestled in the Colorado mountains and along the front range.

Larry’s success is about people; not just numbers; He developed an uncanny ability to build and maintain relationships—from the initial shovel breaking ground to the final walkthrough and closing. His dedication resulted in an impressive track record: closing as many as 211 units per year, totaling over 5,000.

Now settled just south of Nashville in Columbia, TN, Larry enjoys a rich personal life. His lovely wife and three sons—two already carving their own paths and one still in high school—keep him grounded. When he’s not helping clients realize their dreams of homeownership, you’ll find Larry immersed in renovation projects. Whether it’s his own 1930s craftsman house or one of his beloved Land Rovers, he’s always creating something remarkable.

Larry Fisher embodies expertise, dedication, and a genuine love for turning blueprints into beautiful homes.