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Kirby Carson served in the United States Navy for eight years and when he was discharged, he attended Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama where he studied business administration and minored in marketing. A few years later, Kirby began his career as a realtor. After working with a few loan officers, he realized the mortgage side of the transaction is where he should pursue a career in. When Kirby became a loan officer, he spent a few years with a small brokerage. He then gained the confidence to start his own mortgage brokerage. From 1999 to 2008, Kirby grew a mortgage team and staff that consisted of seventy-eight employees with four office locations.

With Kirby’s twenty-six years of real estate and mortgage lending experience, he has the knowledge and expertise to help each borrower structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals. He takes great pride in taking the time needed to understand his customers’ most pressing and long-term goals, finding them the best financial solution to achieve their objectives. Having helped hundreds of clients, he recognizes how baffling the home buying process can be. He holds each client’s hand through the process in an organized and efficient manner. Using his extensive knowledge of available programs, problem solving skills and commitment to customer service, Kirby will ensure you receive superior guidance as you pursue one of the most personal investments of your lifetime.

Kirby now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his family and dog and is active in the community. Combining his love for the outdoors and commitment to good health, he can be found most mornings running, biking, hiking, lifting weights, playing basketball or walking with his trusty dog name Daniel.