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Joseph Stackpoole was born and raised in Michigan. He graduated from Davenport University with a degree in Business Administration after earning two associate degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from Kalamazoo Valley Community College. While working as a real estate assistant, he gained experience and knowledge in the housing market before seeking a job as a Mortgage Banker. This drew him to the Detroit area where he began his mortgage career.

Now with almost 10 years of extensive training and valuable experience as a Loan Officer, Senior Mortgage Banker, and a Mortgage Consultant Team Lead, Joseph is confident and knowledgeable when helping his clients. As a Mortgage Banker, he takes pride in staying organized, driven, and goal-oriented, while staying focused on achieving his clients’ goals. He understands that everyone’s situation is unique. Joseph collaborates closely with his borrowers to make the mortgage process as smooth as possible. He does this by educating his borrowers on the entire mortgage process. His ability to stay on task and focused allows him to assist his clients from start to finish.

Joseph still lives in Michigan with his family where he continues to help guide and educate families with their home goals and financial needs. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, spending time at the park, gardening, and going out on the lake. He is an active outdoors person – whether hunting, fishing, or camping, he spends his time outside as often as possible.