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Joseph Bird graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in business administration, which led to the beginning of his career in financial services. He spent several years in Maryland assisting veterans in helping them take full advantage of their VA home loan benefits; striving to better his client’s financial situations. He also managed multiple teams and aided in training the next generation of mortgage bankers. He then moved to Tennessee to further his expertise and continue his career as a mortgage banker.

With almost a full decade of experience in the mortgage industry, Joseph understands what it takes to help each and every client. He prides himself on customized financial solutions tailored to his client’s needs. Joseph has helped hundreds of families achieve financial stability while making sure his clients receive the highest level of customer service to make sure the process is smooth and enjoyable.

Joseph resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and two dogs. His family is active in the community, enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people. He loves travelling to new cities and countries, as well as being an avid fitness enthusiast. Most weekends he can be found either exploring the great outdoors or areas of the city.