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Jenny Herrera is a Native-born Texan who is married with three beautiful children and four dogs. She is an experienced military spouse with a rich tapestry of travel and diverse living experiences across the United States, spanning a fulfilling journey alongside her husband’s distinguished 26-year military career.  Jenny earned a degree in Science and legal studies from Post University.  Throughout Jenny’s collegiate journey, notable accomplishments included specialized training with certificates in paralegal studies, Deans list, and Cum laude.

With over five years of experience, Jenny has established a prominent career path. Before transitioning into an originator role, Jenny held various positions accumulating worthy professional accomplishments earning Jenny accolades and industry recognition. Jenny’s passion is helping individuals and families accomplish their dreams of being homeowners. Known for being decisive, knowledgeable, and innovative, Jenny embodies qualities essential for success. Guided by a strong sense of values, Jenny approaches business with integrity, transparency, and a dedication to client satisfaction.

Residing currently in Texas, Jenny has found a vibrant community to call home. Outside of work, Jenny cherishes family life and is passionate about exploring the world through travel, sports, and unleashing her creativity in interior design.