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Educated in Business at Queens College, Haitham’s profound understanding of the industry stems from both his formal education and extensive professional experience. His expertise covers various sectors of the banking and mortgage landscape, such as home loans, commercial loans, Bridge Capital, and Foreign National Mortgages. Haitham’s commitment to meeting his clients’ needs doesn’t end with a one-size-fits-all approach. He tailors strategies to each client, understanding that every real estate goal is unique.

His focus on delivering tangible results that resonate with his clients’ visions sets him apart in the field. Utilizing deep industry insights, he crafts personalized mortgage strategies that not only enable home purchases and investments but also make the journey toward them seamless. His successful track record in navigating the complexities of jumbo loans, construction financing, and more speaks to his dedication to simplifying the process. But what truly sets Haitham apart is his ability to connect with his clients on a personal level. Haitham’s blend of mortgage expertise and authentic personal connection ensures that he is more than just a financial advisor. He’s a committed ally, ready to guide clients through their unique real estate journeys with a hands-on approach that leads to success. His method goes beyond mere transactions, building long-term relationships that translate to countless successful property purchases.

In a market filled with complexities, Haitham is a beacon of clarity and trust, passionately working to turn real estate dreams into reality. Outside his professional life, he cherishes time with his family, including his wife and two boys, often embarking on international adventures that enrich their lives. These travel experiences, which involve exploring diverse cultures, also influence his professional approach, allowing him to adapt to various client needs.