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Alex Nemirovskiy graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Business, Management, and Finance. He has always had a drive to give back and help his community. This naturally led him into the mortgage industry where he has been making a name for himself and flourishing ever since.

With 7 years of experience and knowledge in mortgage lending, Alex has the skills and expertise to assist in many different areas of real estate financing. He has helped his clients in every scenario from residential and commercial financing to construction, business, and even unsecured financing. Whether it’s the dream of owning their first home or buying that income producing property, Alex can help his clients with any scenario or financial goal that they put in front of him.

Alex currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and daughter where he has lived for 30 years. Some of his favorite hobbies include martial arts, handball, and being an avid animal lover. He is actively involved in his community affairs and takes great pride in striving to be a model citizen.