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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is Loan Servicing's turnaround time for questions regarding my loan?

Our turnaround time is 24 hours. We ask that you please do not continuously follow up on emails/calls until you have heard from us.

I sent my payment to The Federal Savings Bank but it's due to the final investor, what do I do?

There are no actions that you need to take. The Loan Servicing Team will overnight your payment that is due to the final investor. This will happen every Thursday of the month.

Can I pay over the phone?

No, we do not accept first payments over the phone or by credit card. Please find our accepted payments below:

  • Personal or Cashier's Check
  • Money Order
  • Bill pay through your personal bank
  • ACH Electronic Check
  • NOTE: Online payments and payments over the phone are not available payment options at this time.

Where do I send my first payment?

All first payments should be sent to:

The Federal Savings Bank
ATTN: Loan Servicing
4120 W Diversey Ave STE C501
Chicago, IL 60639-2399

Who do I make my check out to?

All first payments are due to The Federal Savings Bank. If you are sending in a payment via personal check, cashier's check, or money order, you should make those out to: The Federal Savings Bank.

The servicer for my loan has already changed, is my first payment still due to The Federal Savings Bank? 

Yes, all payments are still to be sent to The Federal Savings Bank. In the event that the servicer changes prior to the first payment, Loan Servicing will handle the forwarding of your payment on your behalf. 

What happens if I sent my payment to the investor instead of The Federal Savings Bank?

There are two options to correct this:

  1. We will have the funds reversed by the investor, then you would pay us.
  2. We will have you pay The Federal Savings Bank on the 1st of next month. Meaning, you sent your first payment due on September 1 to the investor instead of The Federal Savings Bank. We will simply then have you make your October 1 payment to us instead.

When are payments considered late?

Payments must be received by the 15th of the month that it is due.

What happens when my taxes and/or insurance did not get paid?

The Loan Servicing Team will research the loan and decide the best course of action. NOTE: That this may include your involvement. If your involvement is required, we will let you know immediately to correct the issue.

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Still need help?

Visit us in person at one of our TFSB locations or contact us:

 If you have a request for information on your loan or need to report an error with your loan or loan payment, please write to the address below:

The Federal Savings Bank
Loan Errors
4120 Diversey Ave Ste C501
Chicago, IL 60639



To speak to someone about applying for a home mortgage or reverse mortgage:
877.788.3520, option 2
If you have an existing construction loan or have questions on your consumer or construction mortgage payment history:
877.788.3520, option 3
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