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ITIN loans, or home loans for people with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number instead of a Social Security Number (SSN), can be a valuable tool for non-citizens or non-permanent residents of the United States. These special home loans could put the dream of homeownership within reach for buyers with an ITIN. They can also be a good resource for building your credit history, which can be invaluable for your future opportunities.

The Federal Savings Bank is a proud ITIN lender, and makes its free Learning Center available online, empowering any prospective homeowners to educate themselves and evaluate their home lending options. Read on to learn more about qualifying for an ITIN loan, and how you might demonstrate your credit history to an ITIN lender without a social security number.


How Your Credit History Can Impact ITIN

It’s common to be concerned that not having a social security number or credit score will mean you are going to have difficulty getting approved for a home loan. Fortunately, ITIN loans at The Federal Savings Bank allow applicants to use their pre-existing obligations to qualify for home loans. Utility bills, credit card bills, or any other debt that you have paid on time for the last twelve months may be used to help you meet ITIN loan qualifications.


Can I Get an ITIN Loan if my Co-Borrower Has an SSN?

Yes, if you have an ITIN assigned to you, but your spouse or other co-borrower has a social security number, you may still qualify for an ITIN loan, provided you meet all requirements.


What Are the Other Requirements for ITIN Loans?

Just like any other mortgage, if you are interested in applying for ITIN loans at The Federal Savings Bank, you will have to meet certain ITIN loan qualifications. You must show you make enough in income to pay back the loan, and demonstrate you have the assets on hand to cover any closing costs, among other factors. These standards are likely to apply whether you are refinancing, applying for an ITIN home purchase, or seeking an ITIN new construction loan.


Want to learn more? Get in touch with our best-in-class ITIN loan officers at The Federal Savings Bank and get started on your path to American homeownership today!


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