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LifeWise Mortgage

For the retirement you've earned

Enjoy the best of both worlds. With a LifeWise Mortgage from The Federal Savings Bank, you'll find a partner that can put the equity you've earned in your property to work for your future, allowing you to enjoy retirement in the place you call home.

Let Your Home's Worth Take You Further

Traditionally known as a reverse mortgage or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), a LifeWise Mortgage is a federally insured home loan that allows you to eliminate monthly mortgage payments (except for taxes and insurance) and convert part of your home's equity into cash.

Federally Insured, Federally Regulated
The LifeWise Mortgage represents the safest and most popular HECM mortgage on the market - a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) HECM - which is federally insured and regulated by the FHA to protect homeowners and their heirs.
What You Need To Know
  • The proceeds from a LifeWise Mortgage generally are not subject to income tax or capital gains because you're not selling your home. The homeowner retains full ownership and there are no restrictions on the use of the proceeds. The mortgage does not affect Social Security benefits.
  • Homeownership obligations and rights (e.g. taxes, insurance, upkeep, etc.) do not change. You can sell, remodal or add-on at any time after the closing of your loan.
  • When none of the borrowers are remaining in the home, the loan is due. You, your family or your estate can sell the house and pay off the debt, just like any other loan on the property.
LifeWise Advantages
  • A government-insured, strategic financial tool
  • Allows you to unlock the idle equity sitting in your home
  • We work with your trusted team of advisors to find the right solution
  • Tax-free income that offsets inflation
  • Helps you maintain your lifestyle throughout retirement
  • Popular among homeowners 62 and over
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