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Dan Schwellenbach

Mortgage Banker


Dan is a graduate of St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL and Northern Illinois University with a degree in Economics. After working in customer service and sales roles for many years, Dan entered the mortgage business as a loan originator in 2003. Since that time he has been successfully helping his clients with the dream of home ownership. He understands that every home owner has their own circumstances and will tailor your mortgage to meet your personal and financial goals.

It is ultimately YOUR decision when purchasing a home or refinancing your current loan. Dan will listen to your needs and help guide you through the loan process to accommodate what is best for you and your family. Dan works with the Top 10% of Realtors in the Chicagoland area. This allows him to recommend local realtors that will also have the client’s best interests in mind. He believes in providing his clients with a detailed financial plan to manage their home loan and ensure their mortgage is the foundation of their overall financial goals. For instance, even the wealthiest of clients choose the lowest down payment option available as they understand earning 0% on their home equity may not be the best use of their money. For others, getting rid of the mortgage is their ultimate goal. Dan will make sure you understand the “WHY” behind your mortgage plan.

Dan lives in Palatine, IL with his wife Debbie of more than 30 outstanding years! He had the pleasure of getting both his boys into mortgages on their homes. This leaves time to finally enjoy playing golf, softball, exercising and bowling with his wife. Dan also enjoys walking the neighborhood with the family Golden Retriever. However, nothing gives Dan more pleasure than seeing the excited looks on the faces of his clients getting the keys to their new home after a smooth home transaction.


A Letter of Recommendation for Daniel Schwellenbach, an Exceptional Loan Officer and Person

I would like to strongly recommend, Mr. Daniel Schwellenbach, a Loan Officer for The Federal Savings Bank. Dan is a very dedicated individual who works for his clients and follows through on every part of the process that is under his purvey. Dan is extremely knowledgeable with the regulations and requirements needed to qualify a borrower and also counsel them, especially for Veterans seeking to utilize a VA Loan. Dan works his job to the convenience of the buyer and will leave no stone unturned as he has done countless times before.

Always active, Dan is vigilant in keeping up with the industry and being sure to read up on potential changes in lending requirements and with making sure all around him are as versed with the changes as he is. Dan recognizes the importance of getting the loan to close and will take all necessary steps to ensure it happens. As a Combat Veteran with multiple deployments, I was able to refinance my home from afar without any concerns or unwarranted stress thanks to Dan’s remarkable work ethic. He closely follows every step of the transaction and will call the clients and their agents promptly with information that may either require attention or to just inform of the progress.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dan’s professionalism and dedication. I have no doubt that any future clients that choose to use Dan as their Mortgage Banker would feel the same way.

Semper Fidelis!

- Tim M
“Professional and Responsible”

The transaction was handled professionally and efficiently by Dan from start to finish. Staff was responsive and helpful.

- Barry F
Dan is a detail-oriented manager who watches your balance sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. You can't find a better more conscientious mortgage officer than Dan.

- Bill H
“I've been buying property for years and never had a better experience.”

They were just outstanding in every way. I couldn't recommend them more. Dan Schwellenbach, the broker, was outstanding. Their follow through on everything was stellar.

- Bob O
Dan Schwellenbach was referred to me by my financial advisor. I can use three words to describe Dan and his team: The Absolute BEST. Dan was always reachable and his followed through was stellar. He guided me through the process beautifully. Whenever there were "bumps in the road" he was always there to help or advise me. I could not recommend Dan more highly.

- Bobby O
Dan comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assistant his clients.

I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to "give first".

You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Dan as I have.

- Carl W
It is my pleasure to give Dan Schwellenbach my highest possible recommendation. Dan is a real professional in our industry and both his borrowers and Realtor Partners get his absolute "top notch service" on any transaction he handles. Should you have the opportunity to work with Dan- I can assure you that you will be "wowed" by his service standards!

- Chad B
“It was a painless and easy way to refinance my mortgage”

It was a good experience working with Dan. I think Dan closely monitored the information we needed to make the loan go through quickly and smoothly.

- Chris S
“They are great advocates for you.”

Dan Schwellenbach went through the whole process. He went out of his way to explain it, and answer my questions. He went to bat for us on the appraisal, which came when we did not expect it to. He was a great advocate for me, the consumer.

- Chuck K
Dan worked closely with me on many accounts over the course of several years. He is detailed oriented and follows through to the end. His service and dedication is always appreciated.

- Denise C
“Dan is Great”

Dan was helpful. He came to our house and walked us through all the paperwork. He gave us an option where we wanted to close, and it ended up being in the same building where I work. It was very easy and very quick.

- Ginny O
“They work very hard to make sure transactions go well.”

Dan Schwellenbach was extremely helpful. This is my third mortgage with him. We had a fairly difficult situation and they worked through it. He is very professional and he works very hard to make sure our transactions always go perfectly.

- Jason F
“Worry Free Closing Process”

It was a pleasure working with Dan Schwellenbach to close on my new home. The process could not have been smoother!

- Jennifer H
“Dan did everything he said he would do, and he saved me money.”

I had done a closing with Dan before. I appreciated that he contacted me. I liked the way he would send messages. He would email the terms, but then send a video of himself explaining some of the details in the terms. I thought that was a good use of technology. I just think he did everything that he said he would do, and it ended up saving me money.

- Jim B
“Knowledgeable and helpful”

If you need a mortgage and want a professional who will look out for your best interest, I highly recommend Dan Schwellenbach. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable mortgage professionals I know, he and his team have also proven themselves to be trustworthy, experienced, courteous, and reliable.

- Joe G
Not only is Dan Schwellenbach one of the most knowledgeable mortgage professionals I have ever met, he and his team have also proven themselves to be trustworthy, experienced, courteous, and reliable. If you need a mortgage and want a professional who will look out for your best interest. I highly recommend Dan Schwellenbach.

- Joseph G
“Dan has continued to provide the level of service he mentions in his video”

I have known Dan for years even when he use to run more :-). He really does provide the type of service he states in his video. The first time I needed his services was when it came time for me to refinance due to my divorce in 2002. He assisted me during this difficult time so that my children and I were able to stay in our home. He helped me out by being clear, accurate, and informative. I did both a regular mortgage and HELOC with him. Now 10 years later I am back to refinance with him again. I did check around and found him to be very competitively priced. I have referred many friends and co-workers his way, whether by word of mouth or posting on Hewitt's internal service referral database. He looks at the individual's situation and in some cases has advised the mortgage wasn't a good financial move at the time even though would mean Dan didn't get "paid" then. This speaks to his integrity and viewpoint of wanting you as a customer for years to come not just "today's sale". Looking forward to when my oldest goes to him for her first mortgage.

- Rich K
“Fast and reliable.”

We've worked with Dan in the past. He is a great mortgage loan officer. He's always done well by us, and always made sure we've got the best mortgage for what we've needed. He is fast and reliable. So far everything has been great.

- Shelby M
Dan is an example of a loan officer who knows how to connect to his clients and find them the right mortgage. He follows up on all calls and keeps all parties informed throughout the process. He's extremely knowledgeable about conventional, FHA and VA loans. I highly recommend him.

- Sue G
“Easy, painless and completely honest.”

Dan took only a short time to figure out what rates would save us money. We looked at some different options and figured out what would work best for my wife and I and get us the most savings.

- Tim D