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Ziya Ozan

Mortgage Banker


  • VA Loan Specialist
Ziya Ozan known by many as Zee, arrived from Turkey to the United States at the age twenty without a family and just a few dollars in his pocket. He supported himself with hard work and intelligence. Zee worked through college in the Boston, MA area and spent time in the hospitality and airline industries in North Carolina. Eventually finding his way to the mortgage industry, Zee quickly learned that his efficiency, creative problem solving, and good humor were a perfect match for the business. He has become a highly respected mortgage professional, admired by his peers and beloved by his clients.

Zee has more than fifteen years of mortgage experience and can help quickly identify the best loan for each person, anticipate what it will take to get it done and move quickly through to closing. Understanding that for most people their home is their largest and most important asset, Zee treats each client as if their home loan were his own. His experience in all customer facing aspects of the mortgage business from loan processor to branch manager allow Zee to structure and set up a loan for success from the beginning. This ensures the best possible experience for his clients. Zee has an intense commitment to perfection, respect for the client and understands the important of integrity.

Zee lives in Greensboro, NC where he enjoys cooking gourmet meals for his four amazing daughters, playing basketball and occasionally hitting the lake to catch a few fish. He is a technologist at heart who loves to always find a better way to do things.


When buying your first house, everything is nerve wrecking and scary. Zee however makes everything seem easy! From the first call, I knew we were in good hands. He was recommended by a family member, and we could not be happier. He is professional, upbeat, always did what he said he would do, and in the end, was able to get us into our dream home. Thank you so much for all your hard work Zee! You are the best, and I tell everyone I know!

- Alicia K
Zee is the one of the best in the business, for excellent guidance, timely communication, and results!

- Bob C
Trustworthy, down to earth, best in the area if you're looking for any type of financing for mortgage or re-fi. "Zee" is very personable and wants nothing more than to help his clients in any way possible. Can't lose with this guy!!

- Brad J
We just closed on our home last week thanks to Zee. It wouldn't have been possible without him. If you are looking for someone who will do what they say they'll do, and someone who is ON YOUR SIDE during the home buying process, Zee is the man. I cannot say enough good things about this guy- from the preapproval to the final closing paperwork, he was there and did whatever he had to do to make sure our home buying process went as smoothly as it could. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

- Brittney M
I just closed on my second house with Zee. He is very knowledgeable and on top of things. Zee goes above and beyond compared to anyone else in the business. If I ever had a question or the same question multiple times he was always professional. If he didn't know answer to my question or any problem I brought forward he did the research for me and always got back with me immediately. Highly recommend Zee!

- Bronwyn M
Zee was great to work with as he very knowledgeable about his work and he cares about his clients. Zee was accessible 7 days a week and explained each step so I could understand the process. This was a great experience and I will be calling Zee on my next home purchase.

- Chad C
Zee is very knowledgeable and advocates for his clients. He is a pleasure to work with, honest, and upfront about everything. I would recommend him to everyone!

- Christie B
I have worked with Zee for a few years now. Not only is he a knowledgeable loan officer, he is patient, dedicated and truly great at what he does. It is very hard to find a loan officer that is so skilled at his craft these days. I trust that he would create a stress-free purchase or refinance transaction for any borrower working with him!

- Dee A
When I first met Zee I knew I was getting the real thing. He is not only knowledgeable, but he is trustworthy and stays with you from start to finish. In my opinion the customer is the lucky one to have him!!

- Elizabeth S
My husband and I bought our FIRST house with the help of Zee.! He is incredible to work with. He never let us down and he told us what we needed to hear instead of what we wanted to hear. If we ever sell our house and buy another one we will not use anybody else but Zee. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anybody!

- Heather R
I've worked with Zee for quite some time now. His attention to detail is unparalleled. This guy has a genuine passion for what he does. Zee lives and breathes for his clients best interest. I would recommend this guy to all friends and family!!

- Jake H
Zee is amazing. He is very thorough and helpful in every aspect of the process and always puts you first. I would recommend him to everybody.

- Jennifer T
This is the 2nd time that I have dealt with Mr. Zee. I found him to be very knowledgeable and confident in his approach of the financial side of home buying. I like the way he dots his "I"s and crosses his "T"s. There is no red tape or hidden agenda. There is no doubt that he is trying to keep my money in my pocket. His research of the laws and different rules to get a loan approved is beyond reproach. He is the best.

- John S
Zee is the best of the best!! He makes everything work out!!! He goes above and beyond even when others say it can’t be done!! He really takes the stress off of us, the buyers and places it on himself!! He is so excited to help get people the home loan that works best for them!! He looks out for everything in the buyers best interest!! He is the best!! Everyone should use him as their mortgage broker!!! Zee, thank you so much!! You made our dreams come true!!

- Jolean H
Zee is THE BEST mortgage loan professional I've ever dealt with! Period! Now I know we don't get loans very often, but I was in the business myself (over a decade ago) and learned it inside and out, and was looking for someone like Zee to handle a cash-out refi fast, and with a good rate. We closed so fast, it amazed both of us. What I mean by "someone like Zee" is someone with Zee's professional and persistent communication. And he deals in numbers, and fast, I mean right away, if that's what you need, and I did. All of that was key to my needs. He is kind, and firm at the same time, and clear and thorough - very detailed is what I mean. Very balanced personality. All that is very important too. And I saw all that in our first conversation over the phone. He told me to consider it over the weekend and we could get started Monday. I waited across lunch on a Friday, and said to myself, "What am I waiting for? Zee's the guy I need! Fire the other lender and get going with Zee!" So, I did - I emailed him and called and away we went. We closed last Wednesday and it funds today, dare I say a full 3 weeks ahead of what anyone else could promise as their best case.

- Jose C
We literally just closed on our home in NC and we are moving from NY. Thank God for Zee. We had been in touch with him nearly a year ago and now was the time to purchase. Because of Zee's helpfulness, attention to detail and totally on top of everything - this closing was glorious! He researches, tries to save you money and is COMPLETELY ON TOP OF THE PROCESS and always communicating. We will be recommending all of our friends and relatives to contact Zee for their mortgage needs. WE LOVE YOU - THANK YOU ZEE!!!!!

- Kim T
Zee is an excellent mortgage consultant and person. He truly cares about the finances of the client and tried to get them the best mortgage possible for their situation. We have closed on our first house thanks to his hard work and effort in finding us an acceptable mortgage. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication Zee!! Joel and I appreciate you.

- Krista W
I have worked in the financial services industry for 8 years and Zee is by far the best mortgage consultant and business partner I have met to date! Zee's analytical thinking, organization and innovation are just of few of his many strengths. The thing that sets him apart, is his passion for what he does; helping people! Zee works with the clients to help them not only achieve their home buying goals, but also provides strategic planning and innovative solutions during his credit analysis to help the client achieve things such as a higher credit score, reduce interest rates and payments on unsecured/secured debt, to help individuals and families improve their standard of living. He truly cares about the financial well being of his clients and really has their best interest in mind. I highly recommend Zee as a professional and individual! It's a privilege just knowing him. If you or someone you know is in the market for a purchase, refinance, investment...any mortgage need, your search stops with him. You will be glad you did!

- Leslie D
I was so lucky to work with Zee. He explained the whole process very thoroughly and he worked very hard to get me a quick close. Zee worked so hard to get me the loan I needed. The process was quick and painless. He delivered on the numbers as expected. You will not meet a happier client. Thank you Zee, your the best!

- Lisa S
Zee was wonderful to work with! We switched Mortgage Brokers in the middle of our loan process because we were not happy with the original broker. The first time we talked to Zee, he assured us that he would do his best to make the process as easy as possible. He worked late getting all of paperwork together and was very thorough with everything. I would recommend him to anyone!

- Mandi R
A fantastic job done on my refinance. Zee was a rock of optimism in a field of land mines and his creativeness provided the best possible result for me. He offered several options and provided consultation that allowed me to make the best decision. I highly recommend Ziya Ozan as a loan consultant.

- Marc R
I have worked with Zee for many years and have been amazed at what he can deliver. We have worked with clients with very challenging credit history and Zee has been able to surpass my expectations and the clients' expectations. He has an impressive ability to research and find the best mortgage product for a client. I know some national builders who have come to Zee for mortgage assistance despite the fact that they have their own in-house preferred lenders. On behalf of my clients I would like to thank you for your dedication to make the mortgage process as seamless and as painless as possible

- Mary R
Zee was a great help and gave us the several options that best met our needs. Very easy process.

- Meagan N
Zee was great to work with. His communication is very prompt; he works hard to ensure you stay in the loop every step of the way, and that all your questions are addressed. Zee is also extremely friendly, and will look out for your best interest. So glad for the opportunity to work with him recently.

- Melody J
After being turned down by other loan officer's, "Z" made miracles happen! I just closed on a loan. He went above and beyond for me and my family. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a loan!!

- Michelle L
Zee was fantastic to work with. Zee tells you up front that he will work hard for you, and that is an understatement. He worked day and night in order for us to meet our deadline. Zee is a fantastic mortgage consultant but more importantly he is a wonderful person.

- Mike R
Zee is truly AMAZING! He is so passionate about helping his customers. He thinks outside the box and takes the time to look for all the options, he doesn't use the quick check box. I had a buyer that was rejected by 3 lenders and Zee was able to preapprove him and he was able to buy his first house! He get's thing's DONE!!

- Nathalie A
If anyone, and I mean anyone is thinking of buying or refinancing, you would not be a good friend to that person if you didn't have them sit down with Zee for 30 minutes. Zee is a problem solver and one of the most knowledgeable financial mortgage consultants I've ever known. You tell him what you'd like to achieve and regardless of whether it benefits Zee or not, he'll tell you the truth and the absolute best way to get what you want. To me, that is the definition of a Trusted Advisor.

- Ralph C
Ziya (Zee) was such a pleasure to work with! He's an extremely friendly and professional mortgage consultant who is very educated on the mortgage industry and market trends. Every time I had a question throughout the loan process, he was not only immediately available to respond but he also provided answers in easy to understand analogies. If you're in the market for a home and you're looking to be pre-approved or to take out a loan for a home I would highly recommend working with Zee!

- Ryan S
Zee though we have never met in person, you have forever changed my life. The process in buying a home is stressful in its self. Not knowing a thing about anything (I have never owned a home), you made this process extremely easy. Every step of the way you were there guiding my every move. I didn't need to worry about anything cause I knew you had my back. In the end I purchased my first home. Zee thank you for all that you have done for me. I can not thank you enough. You are a blessing to all those you serve. Thank you Zee.

- Sam M
Overall great experience. Really has best interest in mind. Thanks for all your help Zee!

- Sandm L
Zee is great to work with! Always kept me informed and answered all my questions! Would definitely recommend!

- Shannon N
Zee is the best of the best. He made the process easy. He crossed every "T" and dotted every "I." He works hard to get his clients the best deal possible. I have already recommended him to friends.

- Shonetta S
Zee was very helpful in getting our loan. He went above and beyond. We highly recommend him for anyone trying to buy a new home.

- Steve P
PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE and CONSIDERATE are just a few adjectives to describe Zee. From the day he answers your phone call inquiring about a loan to the day you close your loan with Zee, his exuberant personality never fades!

- Voula B
Zee is a great guy and knowledgeable diligent broker. He helped me get the best rate possible and clearly explained everything so I could make the best decisions. In hindsight it could not have gone better!

- Walt B