Ziya Ozan known by many as Zee, arrived from Turkey to the United States at the age twenty without a family and just a few dollars in his pocket. He supported himself with hard work and intelligence. Zee worked through college in the Boston, MA area and spent time in the hospitality and airline industries in North Carolina. Eventually finding his way to the mortgage industry, Zee quickly learned that his efficiency, creative problem solving, and good humor were a perfect match for the business. He has become a highly respected mortgage professional, admired by his peers and beloved by his clients.

Zee has more than fifteen years of mortgage experience and can help quickly identify the best loan for each person, anticipate what it will take to get it done and move quickly through to closing. Understanding that for most people their home is their largest and most important asset, Zee treats each client as if their home loan were his own. His experience in all customer facing aspects of the mortgage business from loan processor to branch manager allow Zee to structure and set up a loan for success from the beginning. This ensures the best possible experience for his clients. Zee has an intense commitment to perfection, respect for the client and understands the important of integrity.

Zee lives in Greensboro, NC where he enjoys cooking gourmet meals for his four amazing daughters, playing basketball and occasionally hitting the lake to catch a few fish. He is a technologist at heart who loves to always find a better way to do things.