Zev Spitzer Photo

Zev Spitzer

Mortgage Banker


  • Chairman's Club
    2019, 2020
Zev Spitzer first encountered the mortgage industry in 2009 working as a housing counselor. Realizing his skill for working with numbers and streamlining procedures, as well as his talent for working with people, Zev embarked on a quest to master the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve his goal to assist people with the challenges of home ownership and achieving the American dream.

Since then Zev progressed to become a Mortgage Banker. He has studied the mortgage process, networked with industry leaders, and acquired broad expertise and knowledge in the mortgage industry, housing markets, and banking regulations. In addition, he has also mastered the complex intricacies of the mortgage process as it pertains to condominiums, jumbo loans, and delayed financing.

He constantly keeps up-to-date with developments and changes in regulations, market products, and programs that allow him to immediately adapt to changes that will benefit his costumers. He has developed a “Get It Done” attitude and a “Never Say No” approach, to any file and applicant. He will waste no time nor effort to find a proper program for every scenario.

In his time away from work, he volunteers for Chesed 24/7, a prominent volunteer organization in the tristate area of New York, to offer companionship, transportation and food deliveries to any individual or family facing a life challenge.