Yousuf Shah Photo

Yousuf Shah

Mortgage Banker


Yousuf Shah has been ranked as one of the top loan officers in the United States for the last number of years. His ability to understand his client’s financial situations and diagnose appropriate solutions to help them reach their financial goals makes him a trusted asset to countless individuals looking for guidance through the loan process.

Yousuf Shah served during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan with the US Special Operations Command from 2010 to 2014. Working with intel units and serving as a cultural advisor and linguist has given Yousuf an extensive background in working cross culturally. Given his background and ingrained hard work from his military counterparts, he has adopted an unmatched work ethic that focuses exclusively on making clients’ experiences positive.

Integrity, credibility, trustworthiness, comfort and expertise is the cornerstone of Yousuf’s business. It’s also the principle reason why numerous homeowners haven chosen to work with him. With the stresses that come with a mortgage transaction, Yousuf takes care to always be available for his clients. Operating with a strong sense of urgency and world class care is what has allowed Yousuf to earn his national prestige in the mortgage industry.