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Van Tran

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Prior to joining the Federal Savings Bank, Van Tran graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Finance. During his collegiate years, Van was always actively involved in banking, where he built numerous relationships with individuals at RogersCasey and Smith Barney, as well as serving an apprenticeship under renowned financial expert Terry Savage (CNN, NBC, CNBC, Oprah!).

The experience Van gained at these firms has been invaluable to his success at the Federal Savings Bank today. ‘The financial crisis of 2008 has shown what happens when corporate greed takes priority over ethics, and I am determined to serve my clients with their best interests in mind, as opposed to some benefit of monetary value’. Countless client referrals and repeat business are proof of Van’s philosophy that client satisfaction is the most important business practice.

Van is a resident of Los Angeles, where he enjoys working out, investing in the markets, and spending time outside with his three dogs.


I have had nothing but exceptional service from The Federal Savings Bank. Van Tran and his staff were a pleasure to work with. When i had a question or problem Van would answer my questions either by email or phone call no matter what day of the week it was, including weekends. This is my second loan experience with The Federal Savings Bank and they were willing to help me purchase my home and refinance it when no one else would give me the time of day. Thanks again to Van Tran, his staff, and The Federal Savings Bank. 

- Brandon S
Van was constantly on top of things to keep things flowing smoothly. Very attentive and easy to work with even when he was home he was there to answer questions. He's a very good representative of your company.

- Eric A
I started looking for a home in 2012. As a 30% disabled veteran I specifically checked into several banks claiming specialization in VA loans. When I would tell the banks we are self-employed as principles with 6 LLC’s, had a lower credit score (mid 600’s), applying for a VA Jumbo loan, the banks would promise a follow up, never to be heard from again. We even lost a home while waiting for a bank to respond in good faith.

In 2013 I came across the Federal Savings Bank while doing research and called (312) 789-4724 and spoke with Van Tran, who to my surprise was one of the bank Vice Presidents. We spent half an hour talking, pulled credit and put together an action plan. Van told us to address three specific items on our credit reports that bumped our scores into the 730’s in three months which moved us from a borderline approval into a strong position and qualifying for a lower interest rate.

After finding a home, the real work started. Being self-employed with ownership in multiple companies required the underwriting / vetting process excruciatingly detailed to comply with the new federal guidelines. Van and his support staff continued to exceed and excelled beyond industry standards in overall comprehension of new federal regulations. If we had a question about a detail or requirement Van and Sara would always respond within minutes, with the other banks we tried previously, it wasn’t unusual for even a simple response to take weeks.

If you’re looking for a home and intend to use your VA entitlements, I highly recommend you initiate your process with Van Tran and his support team at the Federal Savings Bank.

- Kenneth J
I've used The Federal Savings Bank for my last three home purchases; they do an amazing job at ensuring you know what's going on throughout the entire process and will also break down each and every step along the way. I would highly recommend The Federal Savings Bank to any Vet trying to use a VA loan.

- Phillip M
We have worked with The Federal Savings Bank several times over a number of years, and each time Van Tran and his team have been phenomenal to work with. Van is patient in explaining the process, he keeps up to date with changes in the industry and recently alerted us that we could save a significant amount based on recent interest changes. The process is always smooth and professional.

- Tricia S