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Tyler Newell joined the Federal Savings Bank as an experienced and knowledgeable Mortgage Banker in all 50 states. He works hard for all of his clients and does whatever it takes to make them successful. Tyler’s goal is to treat his clients the same way he wants to be treated: with respect. He has helped hundreds of people all over the United States, and a good portion of them come back to him later down the road.

Tyler was a college baseball player hoping to make it to the next stage until he shattered his wrist and arm. That made him think of a second plan during recovery. That is where he found real estate and fell in love with it, just like he did with baseball as a kid. For the last 10 years Tyler has proven to be very reliable to his clients when it comes to getting a mortgage. Tyler works extremely hard to learn every program and product that is offered in order to find what works best for each client. Tyler always brings dedication and care to anybody who gets the chance to work with him.

Tyler is married to his wife and has 3 amazing children. When Tyler is not in the office or on his laptop helping clients, he is out golfing or doing activities with his family.