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Tom Alexander

HECM Advisor


Tom Alexander entered the mortgage industry in 2019 with a view of helping seniors, like himself, with the power of reverse mortgage and the benefits associated with reverse mortgage. He personally has done two reverse mortgages for himself – one HECM and one Jumbo. He is mentored and supervised by Maggie O’Connell, a veteran of twenty-three years in this industry.

Tom has a master’s degree in Aerospace and an MBA from Harvard. He has been an IBMer, a serial entrepreneur, a teacher and a mentor for marathon runners. He works with many seniors in his network, promoting reverse mortgage. He particularly enjoys in puncturing the myths associated with reverse mortgage. With his expertise and knowledge, Tom will show you how reverse mortgage is an important tool in financial planning while enjoying the post-retirement life.

Tom has celebrated his golden anniversary and is a proud father of two children. He is also a grandfather. His aim in life is to leave this world as a net giver than a net taker. He enjoys the outdoors with trail running, hiking and skiing.