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Tammy Hajjar Miller

Regional SVP, Midwestern States


  • FHA 203k Specialist
  • Chairman's Club
    2013, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Tammy was born in South Korea, but has lived in Chicago since she was 3 years old, and has witnessed many areas grow into thriving and prosperous neighborhoods. Residing in East Lakeview for over 35 years, Tammy now lives on the North Shore and knows the city and its surrounding areas like the back of her hand.

Tammy grew up working closely with her mother in their small neighborhood grocery store in Lincoln Square, attended high school at St. Ignatius College Prep, and didn’t see any reason to leave the city for college, graduating from DePaul’s business school with an Accounting/Finance double major.

By joining The Federal Savings Bank, Tammy is able to provide a wide array of products and unmatched service to her customers, realtors, and referral sources. She runs a proficient and systemized business practice, constantly looking to improve communications between clients and referral sources. She continues to focus on growing and improving daily, both personally and professionally, but believes it would all be in vain if it wasn’t for her handsome husband and their wonderful children: Cheyenne (30), Isabel (17), Henry (16), Nicholas (15), and Harrison (14).

As the old adage states: “If you want something done, ask a busy person,” but the true testament of her heart is to serve others through her personal motto: Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference!


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- Testimonial Video
As the feeling of becoming homeowners is finally sinking in, we just wanted to let you all know how grateful we are for all your help in making this happen. This was definitely a team effort and would not have been possible without each one of you. Thank you for making 2018 such a special year for us. We hope that 2019 is an even better year, filled with love, laughter and success for all of us.

- Aarushi M. & Nikhil S. - December 2018, Southborough, MA
Tammy was a class act. She was knowledgeable, helpful, kind and got the job done with poise. I appreciated her can-do attitude. I would work with her again as well as recommend her to others.

- Abby S. - January 2015, Chicago, IL
It was an amazing experience. Even though it was a loan,😊we felt informed every step of the way, and I will totally recommend your services. Again thank you for the journey, and hopefully this will not be the last time.

- Abdon and Yoli M. - April 2018, Berwyn, IL.
We had a successful closing yesterday and we are very excited of our new home! Elia and I want to thank everyone for the amazing work and for helping us from start to finish, we are very grateful for this. This was our first purchase and every time we had questions, we knew we could reach out to you for answers. We loved the app and electronic signature/document submittal. This made things very easy for us! Again, thank you so much!

- Abel V. and Elia B. - April 2020, Waukegan, IL
Tammy's and her team are the best!l They're always available to walk through numbers and share valuable insights. They make the whole complicated process of buying and selling a home seem like a breeze. I couldn't recommend them enough!

- Adam C. - February 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and the entire team, from the first encounter were extremely informative, kind and patient. They strive to make sure the process is not a difficult one and always make sure you understand every step.

- Alejandra D. & Claudia S. - December 2018, Calumet City, IL
I just wanted to provide you guys with a feedback from my experience working with TFSB. You guys are definitely a Rock Star Team. You made my first purchase very clear and easy. Many Many Many Many thanks. You guys are definitely the highly recommended team if anyone wants a Mortgage if I am asked. Whatever it is you guys are doing keep up the good work. #TheWorldsBestTeam 😁

- Alvin L. - July 2017, Chicago, IL
We had a great experience with Team Tammy. They made the process of buying a house easy. They were prompt and professional through the whole process.

- Amanda S. - July 2020, Brookfield, IL
Tammy and her entire team made what can be an arduous process of getting financed for mortgage loan so simple and easy! Tammy and team explained what was going on every step of the way and made me feel so comfortable with everything that was going on! Highly recommend!!

- Amy P. - November 2019, Chicago, IL
I hereby express my satisfaction on working with your team. I expected to encounter some rough steps throughout the process and you and your team were fabulous at making this a pleasant experience. Thanks to each and one of you that directly or indirectly help me to accomplish this purchase.

- Andre M. - July 2017, Chicago, IL
It was great working with Tammy and her team. They’re excellent to work with, friendly, prompt with answering questions and made closing a breeze.

- Andrea H. - November 2018, Chicago, IL
I greatly enjoyed working with Tammy, as she made a potentially stressful loan process flow smooth and efficient. She not only thoroughly explained my loan options, but also provided dynamic Excel models that showed the financial breakdown of my loan options. During the document gathering process, Tammy and her team were organized and timely and, to alleviate the time commitment from me, they even helped track down documents directly from third parties wherever possible.

- Andrea P. - October 2014, Chicago, IL
Tammy Hajjar and her team were incredibly helpful in the purchase of our new home. They were efficient, patient and on the ball at all steps during this home buying process. We recommend the team of experts.

- Andrew and Allyson M. - July 2015, Chicago, IL
My wife and I worked with Tammy and her team for the mortgage of our first home. Tammy always took the time to patiently explain the process to us and made it as straightforward as possible.

- Andrew R. - July 2020, Oak Park, IL
We had a very atypical process - an unintentional house swap and unorthodox behavior from the other party. Half way through the process the other party considered switching from their bankers to ours because of the professionalism, knowledgeability and service of our team. This is a business where it is easy to rate shop online; you really have to differentiate to compete with rate-only websites. Our team did exactly that and they've earned repeat and referral business from us from here on out.

- Angelo and Courtney P. - April 2017, Chicago, IL
Tammy and Team are very easy to work with and very clear on next steps. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the services we got from Tammy and Team! Thanks All 😃

- Angie L. and Sompol C. - May 2018, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her team at The Federal Savings Bank go above and beyond to make sure you are informed and confident with your home purchase. They work diligently to overcome obstacles and stay on schedule with the close date. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with on my first home purchase!

- Angie V. - March 2018, Chicago, IL
Thank you so much for a smooth transaction.

- Anore M. (Realtor) - November 2018, Grand Prairie, TX
Tammy and her incredible team are truly amazing to work with. Our mortgage process could not have been smoother thanks to their diligent, quick, and caring work. I could not recommend them highly enough!

- Anthony B. - July 2020, Arlington Heights, IL
I had a competitive bid for a home, but I was competing against a cash offer. The seller liked my family's story and knew we would be good owners of the home, but they were concerned about whether I would be able to close in time. I immediately reached out to Team Tammy and they closed the loan in 30 days as promised to the Seller! They did a great job step by step walking me thru the process and helping me to quantify specific decisions that I needed to make. I have been in real estate for over 15 years, and this is the BEST mortgage company with whom I have ever worked. This team is kind, responsive and they truly have mastered the loan process. Thanks Team Tammy!

- Anthony W. - March 2020, Atlanta, GA
We are super excited about the new home and couldn’t have been happier with Tammy and Tony in this process.

Both of them have been incredible to work with and are at the top of our referral list moving forward.

We would love to grab dinner sometime after we get settled into the new place.

- Anuj and Priya K. - November 2015, Chicago, IL
Team Tammy of The Federal Savings Bank were excellent. Even my realtor who was in a totally different state and who initially wanted to introduce to his lender and their team was converted at the end of our deal and repeatedly commented that He would love to do future deals with Team Tammy and the bank.....They were exceptional on all fronts!!!! Thumbs up and thanks.

- Ayoyinka D. - December 2018, Grand Prairie, TX
All I had ever heard about buying your first home was how daunting of an undertaking it was. But, my experience working with Tammy and her outstanding team made it anything BUT daunting. They were right there with me through every step of the process which was a great feeling for a first time buyer.

- Ben K. - July 2017, Chicago, IL
We are very happy that we chose Tammy and her team at the TFSB. We shopped around for the best rates and compared multiple vendors for a home mortgage loan. After meeting with Tammy we felt very comfortable working with her because of her knowledge, expertise, and the unparalleled support from her team. I highly recommend TFSB for anyone who is looking to buy a home. I know that Tammy will make it a breeze and will find the best options for you.

- Bilguun G. and Zola E., November 2016, Chicago, IL.
We wanted to thank you all again for your help during the entire process leading up to our closing. For first-time home buyers who knew pretty much nothing in the beginning, we ended up feeling confident and also learning a lot thanks to you guys, who presented all of the information to us in a really digestible (and friendly!) way. We also really appreciated your proactive way of working; knowing what was coming and why we were doing each step really took some anxiety out of the process for us.

- Bill and Stacy B. - June 2017, Chicago, IL.
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process went with my new mortgage from The Federal Savings Back. Tammy and her team were consistently responsive and enthusiastic throughout the process, and responded quickly when an appraisal concern threatened to slow things down. I would not hesitate to work with this team again or recommend them to others.

- Blake W. - June 2017, Chicago, IL
Tammy and team were a tremendous help in guiding me through the Mortgage process. They are attentive, on the ball and always available to answer questions. Highly recommended!

- Brad L. - March 2018, Chicago, IL
We couldn't be more pleased with the service provided by Tammy and her team! They are very process oriented and are on top of everything throughout the entire process. The level of consulting and communication is second to none! I would highly recommend their services to anyone!

- Brandi and John W. - June 2016, Woodridge, IL
I would say you were great to work with:) it was a pleasure!

- Brandy B. (Realtor) - April 2020, Chicago, IL
It was a very smooth process from one mortgage professional to another.

- Brian L., Realtor - June 2018, Chicago, IL.
Figured you’d prefer this photo of us in the condo after signing rather than the one of us wearing surgical gloves and holding our pens for signing. :) THANK YOU!

- Brian M. & Sarah F. - March 2020, Chicago, IL
Working with Tammy and her team of professionals was an excellent experience. Not only were they able to offer the best rate but they also had the best service. Everyone on the team was very helpful, thorough, and responsive. They definitely made the process less stressful and I would highly recommend working with them, especially for first time buyers like myself.

- Brian P. - March 2017, Chicago, IL.
Team Tammy helped us cross the finish line with smooth, sweet success. Even when we threw Tammy & Co. a few curve balls, they were able to walk us through resolution in a very timely, thorough and detailed manner. I'd highly recommend anyone closing a mortgage (especially first-timers like us!) to work with Tammy.

- Brian S. - July 2017, Chicago, IL
Thank you Tammy! And thank you again to each and every one of you for helping make this whole process and simple and seamless as possible. I hope you all enjoy the holidays!!

- Brittany R. - December 2019, Chicago, IL
This was my husband and I's first time buying a home, and we were completely clueless. Tammy and her team were so helpful and encouraging. They were there for any questions we had with a thorough answer. They made us feel so comfortable and confident during the process. I really felt like they were rooting for us!

- Brittiany J. - February 2016, Palos Heights, IL
Great experience all around!

- Cari B. - April 2020, Riverwoods, IL
I have never worked with such a Bank that has this kind of communication and execution on a loan before. Tammy Hajjar Miller and her team always kept me in loop and there weren't any "surprises"! Above and beyond... Thank you.

- Carol C. - May 2018, Chicago, IL
I was promised great things when I was introduced to Tammy & Tony, and they went and over-delivered on my already-high expectations. They are super smart, with a firm grasp on the market and economic factors that shape a mortgage decision, as well as the kind of people you want to talk to regularly. Somehow, they're even charming when reminding me to send over yet another bank statement! I'd recommend them to anyone, especially first-time buyers like myself who need a lot of information and education.

- Carrie S. - July 2015, Chicago, IL
The idea of purchasing a new home was exciting, yet overwhelming. I had heard of horror stories dealing with lenders, so I was a bit hesitant. I met with Solymar and knew right away Tammy Hajjar's team was going to be amazing! They always kept me updated with my purchase, super friendly, personable and quick. Definitely the best lending team to go to! Thank you for all the hard work you did to make my purchase so much smoother and to making me a home owner!

- Cecilia M. - March 2017, Chicago, IL
We have worked with Tammy Hajjar Miller and her entire team on two separate occasions and both times were very positive experiences. The team provides top notch customer service and truly has our best interests in mind throughout the entire home buying process. We will continue to work with Tammy and her team in future transactions and highly recommend them to those purchasing or refinancing a home.

- Cecily and Aaron B. - November 2017, Oak Park, IL.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the great work you did. You made a dream come true. Thank you for believing in me and for not giving up on my process; even though we had a lot of things working against us. I thank God for giving us faith and hope. Like Tammy said, “where there is a will, there is a way”.

- Celina M. - November 2014, Lyons, IL
Tammy and her team helped me purchase an investment property and the entire team was great. Tammy was very creative and proactive in sorting out all the mortgage issues and made the entire process very smooth and efficient. Will definitely recommend Tammy in the future.

I will give a 6 on a scale of 1 to 5 when I get the survey. :-)

- Chintan M.- December 2015, Chicago, IL
You, Tony, Jacki and the 2 M's were all courteous and professional throughout the entire process. I will certainly give the highest marks when I receive the corporate email. Additionally, if I hear of anyone looking to refi or purchase I will be sure to put them in touch with you.

- Chris & Christine E. - January 2020, Park Ridge, IL
Tammy and her team at The Federal Savings Bank are AWESOME! We are not first time home buyers and this was the best mortgage experience we've ever had. Excellent proactive communication; they provided options based on our needs; and did I say excellent communication?! #TeamTammy rocks. I highly recommend.

- Christian & Kristin W. - January 2019, Elm Grove, WI
As a first-time home buyer, I was unfamiliar with the process of receiving a mortgage loan. From the first time we met with Tammy and her team at The Federal Savings Bank, they made sure everything was explained clearly and were always available if we had any questions. They check in weekly, and respond promptly. I would recommend their services to anyone! Thank you Tammy & Team!

- Christie B. & Mark P. - January 2019, Rosemont, IL
As a first time homebuyer, I was more than anxious about the loan process. Tammy and her amazing team were there to guide us along the way. Not once were we left with a question unanswered or provided an answer to dense to understand. Tammy and her team made us feel supported throughout the entire process.

- Christina M. and Ryan P. - June 2017, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her team, Aracely, Soly, and Tony, were a pleasure to work with. They were very professional, friendly, and helpful in answering all our questions in a timely manner. They made the first time mortgage borrower experience as smooth as possible. They were on top of everything, addressed our concerns, and communicated clearly about what was expected and what we could expect. I highly recommend them.

- Christopher L. - July 2017, Chicago, IL
Working with Tammy was an absolute pleasure. She was always prompt and thorough in all her replies and was very proactive about explaining every step of the process. We really appreciated the individualized attention and highly recommend her to any client.

- Clark and Christine C. - June 2015, Riverside, IL
Tammy is great.

- Craig B. - October 2019, Park City, UT
What an amazing experience it was to work with Tammy Miller's team and the Federal savings bank. All the process went seamless and they are always on top of every detail to make your life easy. Any time I had a question it was answered right away to my satisfaction. I would never think about using any other broker as long as they remain practicing. Thanks for everything :)

- Dagoberto C. - January 2018, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her team at Federal Savings Bank made the home buying process for us very simple and with pleasure. Not only were we first time home buyers which is already so overwhelming but we were also still living in Maryland while our loan was being approved for our future home in Chicago. Even though our working relationship was long distance, Tammy and her team were always very responsive and patient with all of our questions along the way. They provided us with a clear understanding of what to expect throughout the process and were always one step ahead so we never felt lost at any point. We had a wonderful experience with Tammy and her team at The Federal Savings Bank.

- Dana and Michael G. - June 2018, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were very responsive to our needs on our refinance. They worked to lay out all the alternatives and find the best solution for us. Their attention to detail and customer service were top notch.

- Daniel and Jeanne T. - February 2015, Elmhurst, IL
Tammy, it was a pleasure working with all of you. My experience started out sour [with another lender], but you and your team were fantastic at making a difference and making sure I was able to get into my new condo (which I am already loving).

- Daniel B. - October 2014, Chicago. IL
Tammy Hajjar Miller and her team are the best in the business. My clients are always completely satisfied, and are always kept up to date with the mortgage process. They make the process of obtaining a mortgage a painless procedure. Wish all my clients used Tammy and her team!!

- Dante Z., Realtor - May 2018, Chicago, IL.
Tammy's team of professionals made the whole buying of our condo an enjoyable and rewarding experience. No hitches. No drama. A+ all around.

- Dave S., - September 2018, Chicago, IL
Don't know how well other financial institutions handle mortgages but can't imagine that they could be any better then Tammy and her team! Quick, painless and thorough. Can't say enough good things about them.

- David S. - October 2019, Chicago, IL
Nebojsa and I are very impressed with how seamlessly and quickly you handled our loan. We're so glad Vince recommended you and that we decided to take his advice. Vince gave you high praise and insisted you were the only person we should work with and now we know why. Thanks to you and Tony and all your team, it was a pleasure working with you all!

- Despina S. and Nebojsa S. - August 2018, Park Ridge, IL
Tammy and the team were so helpful, providing exceptional service. Proactive, thorough and felt like I was working with a family member. Made the 1st time mortgage experience much much easier, especially with Tony Borrello providing consistent updates, 24/7 availability rapid responses.

- Don C. - August 2016, Chicago, IL
Tammy is the best!

- Don K. (Attorney) - November 2018, Chicago, IL
Very helpful and knowledgeable - great experience!

- Don P. - October 2019, Skokie, IL
I wanted to say thank you to the team. Federal Savings Bank was extremely professional and responsive throughout the process. Your team made it easy for me during what could have been a stressful transaction. I would absolutely do business with your group in the future and would recommend my friends to your bank.

- Dylan H. - April 2017, Brentwood, TN
Tammy and her team are the best. They took great care of me and were incredible proactive throughout the process. They walk you through every step and make what can be a stress process very straightforward and transparent. I highly recommend using them for any of our mortgage needs.

- Dylan H. - December, 2018, Brentwood, TN
Great referral from our realtor. Thanks, all!

- Eddie O. - March 2020, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team ROCK..........I have recommended them many times and they always come through! It was an easy choice when refinancing my own home. Five star service all the way.

- Elizabeth B. - August 2016, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were great to work with. They are very knowledgeable which helped make the whole process extremely quick and easy. I would highly recommend Tammy!

- Ellen B. - July 2020, Des Plaines, IL
It has been so exciting and a HUGE weight lifted after all this was done. We can't thank you all enough for everything!!!

- Emily and Ben A. - January 2018, Crown Point, IN
Working with Tammy's team was wonderful. Even when Tammy was out of town, her team took great care of us, usually responding within minutes!

- Emma S. - June 2018, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her team were knowledgeable and responsive during the entire process. Greatly appreciated all their support and assistance, which helped made the entire experience less stressful, especially since it is my first mortgage and the closing was during a global pandemic.

- Eric H. - March 2020, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were unbelievably helpful throughout the entire process. This was our first home-buying experience, and the support we received (answering all of our questions, constant communication/updates, detailed explanations) throughout made us feel extremely comfortable. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we highly recommend - thank you, Tammy!

- Eric M. - October 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were wonderful to work with. I asked for a quick process and they were ready to move as fast as I could get them documents. It was really helpful knowing that Tammy and her team had my back on this stuff.

- Erich A. - August 2017, Chicago, IL
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the support that you and your team provided to me throughout my home purchase. You made this complicated process very simple, fast, and enjoyable. You took steps beyond I was expecting throughout this process. The attention to details and support was outstanding. Honestly, I don't know of any words to express my gratitude to you and your team of the help that I received.

Following my brother's recommendation to contact you to help me with this process was one the best decisions that I made with my beautiful home purchase.

- Ericko D. - Decemer 2016; Chicago, IL
Great Service. Always accessible which is not always the case for most companies.

- Erik S. - December 2015, Brookhaven, GA
You guys, Sigh. it's been a long day, but i'm so glad YOU were our team. WE ARE HOMEOWNERS. We bought a house that we love! We cannot wait to actually move into it, and call it HOME. The whole time, throughout the whole process, we never felt like we were being shortchanged or treated like anything but family. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Thank you for all your hard work.

- Francesca B. - November 2018, Chicago, IL
You were a real joy to work with and it was amazing how easy and fast that you made the process. When we entered into getting the loan we were expecting the long drawn out process that we have had before, but you and your team made it painless. Thank you so much for your professional yet personal assistance.

- Franz and Peggy P. - November 2014, Chicago, IL
I wanted to write to you to thank for a smooth closing. Appreciate all your patience, hard work, and effort for the last few months. Thanks a lot.

- Gagan O. - November 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy, Tony, and team were detail oriented and kept me up-to-date during the whole loan process!

- Gagan S. - November 2018, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were absolutely fabulous. They made sure all parties involved were well informed and that the transaction went as smooth as possible. They were a pleasure to work with!

- George T. (Realtor) - November 2018, Chicago, IL
Thank you Tammy for everything you've done. And Tony has gone above and beyond helping me. He is outstanding. I couldn't have done it without both of you. Thank you and God bless.

- Gina D. - October 2015, Harwood Heights, IL
I wanted to thank you for your effort on our refinance. As a banker, I know that these transactions can be tedious at times. That said, our experience was smooth and painless and that is tribute to your effort to stay connected to the transaction and work through the few bumps we encountered along the way.

It was a pleasure working with you and please know we would not hesitate to send anyone your way in the future.

- Greg B. - June 2015, Northbrook, IL
The entire process was seamless from beginning to end, facilitated by an amazing team! I would definitely use the team again for our next purchase.

- Heather R. - September 2017, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team are ON IT!! As a real estate broker, I've worked with several lenders. Tammy and her team set themselves apart from the masses - prompt responses, proactive follow-ups and great client feedback are some of the reasons I feel confident referring more of my clients their way.

- Ilana R., Realtor - June 2018, Chicago, IL.
Thanks, Tammy! Was a total pleasure to work with you and your team! I will be adding you to my buyer consultation booklets as a preferred lender. Thanks again!

- James F. (Realtor) - April 2020, Chicago, IL
Tammy & her team were a pleasure to work with. They kept us informed throughout the entire process. She met us in person to get everything started and was there in person the day we closed. She and her staff were always quick to respond to our questions. We would highly recommend Tammy and her team.

- Jamey B. - January 2015, Chicago, IL
Working with Tammy and her team was truly a wonderful experience. In the 2 months we spent working with them, there was never a lack of communication. Their team was able to satisfy all of our needs and demands and I never had to worry about something falling through the cracks. Working with them was an absolute pleasure and I would recommend Tammy's team to anyone.

- Janet C. and Phillip B. - November 2017, Chicago, IL
My experience with Tammy and her team at Federal Savings bank was excellent. Her and her team did an awesome job making sure everything was a smooth ride all the way through and after close. Throughout the entire process Tammy and her team always took time to work through every question to help me feel better about buying a house. They are always on top of things and I would recommend her to anyone.

- Jared and Karen D. - January 2015, Lake Barrington, IL
Tammy and her team were persistent in keeping us on track and yet managed to streamline the entire process to make it as pain free as possible. Tammy did a great job talking through our options with us, and we really felt like she was helping us make the best decision.

- Jason and Kelly Z. - June 2017, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were incredibly easy to work with, detail oriented, and never made me feel like my questions weren't valid. She made a painful process as easy as possible.

- Jason P. - March 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team at the Federal Savings Bank were absolutely incredible to work with. They took an incredibly complicated and stressful process and made it super easy and straightforward for us, making sure we got to closing no matter what. They really took care of us and were so friendly and helpful. They were absolutely the best, and we'd highly recommend them to everyone!

- Jay V. - August 2016, Chicago, IL
Even before I decided pursue a loan with The Federal Savings Bank, Tammy was extremely positive, fun, and guided me into making the right decision for me and my family. Right away I knew I was in for a wonderful experience.

Throughout the loan process Tammy made sure I knew details of all processes and documents to come. This helped me tremendously with tackling all items needed from me within the loan process, from Origination all the way to Funding, and continue on with life -as it never stops! I would ultimately without hesitation recommend Tammy to anyone and I can’t express in words how pleasant the Tammy experience is and will continue to be.

- Jay W. - September 2016, Chicago, IL
I just wanted to thank you and your amazing team for the great service you all provided with my refinancing. It was such a pleasant, easy process from 'start to finish' with all of you. I can't speak highly enough of the great service and the efficiency your team provided. I will definitely send my friends and family to you. I myself will be a repeat client.

- Jeannie P. - October 2016, Chicago, IL.
I am a US ARMY veteran and recently purchased a home with Tammy and her team using my VA loan benefits. I could not have been happier with the professional service and personal attention I received through the entire process. I felt well informed and fairly treated from the moment I applied till the final closing date and now have a beautiful home for my family. Tammy's entire team made me feel appreciated as a customer and honored as a Veteran.

- Jeff T. - July 2018, Mount Prospect, IL
Tammy and her team at The Federal Savings Bank came highly recommended to me by a business associate, who had worked with her on several loans previously. My wife and I were seeking pre-qualification, and eventually, a loan to purchase our first home. We could not have asked for a better experience. We would be delighted to recommend her and her team to anyone in search of a home mortgage loan. She and her team showed themselves attentive, prompt and responsive, ever ready to answer questions, professional, informative, and they were wonderful guides through the loan process. We were given ample choices for loan products, and found the optimal option for us with Tammy's help: a 30 year-fixed with single-premium mortgage insurance. This allowed us to make productive use of our money at purchase without liquidating our savings, but also enabled us to maintain a convenient monthly payment. Furthermore, we closed on time and with a great rate. I plan to refer anyone that I can to The Federal Savings Bank.

- Jeffrey C. - July 2017, Naperville ,IL
We wanted to refinance our mortgage to take advantage of low interest rates. However, our mortgage was "under water" due to the housing market crash, and because our mortgage was not held by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, we did not qualify for the HARP program, even though we have excellent credit and have never missed a payment. We contacted several banks and mortgage brokers trying to refinance, and nobody was able to do anything for us until we met Tammy Hajjar at The Federal Savings Bank. She worked with us and our financial advisor, and together we came up with a creative solution that allowed us to refinance.

We now have much lower monthly payments, a lower interest rate, and feel good about our mortgage. The process of refinancing can be long and challenging, but Tammy and Tony, and the whole team at The Federal Savings Bank, were friendly and kind at all times - they really worked with us (and for us!) and kept us informed every step of the way. We are grateful to them for helping us improve this one area of our financial lives!!

- Jen and Erik B. - October 2014, Hull, MA
The closing went perfect! Thank you for all your help and patience along the way:) You made an otherwise difficult undertaking much easier and more tolerable.Thanks for all your help and understanding. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

- Jen K. - November 2017, Elk Grove Village, IL.
My husband and I were in the process of buying our first home and were extremely clueless in how it all worked. Tammy and her team went above and beyond to not only do their part of the job, but guide us throughout the entire process. They were always prompt in answering emails and giving us guidance that had our best interests in mind. We felt like we could ask any question, or ask for any recommendation, and we knew that Tammy and her team would give us a truly honest answer in what would work best for us and our situation. Thanks again!!!

- Jennifer and Anthony C. - January 2016, Rosemont, IL
First of all, I wish I could give 100 star rating! Words cannot describe how easy Team Tammy made my first homebuying experience. I was nervous before I met them, but they absolutely made it a walk in the park. Thank you so much for being awesome, attentive, thoughtful, and most importantly personal with me! I look forward to recommending The Federal Savings Bank to ALL of my friends and family looking to buy a new home! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

- Jessica H. - February 2019, Hanover Park, IL
As always was awesome and a great experience working with Tammy and her team of professionals!!

- Jim L. - October 2019, Colorado Springs, CO
This is my 3rd mortgage and the best experience of any I have ever had dealing with a lender! Tammy and her team at The Federal Savings were easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a house.

- Jim L. - June 2016, Colorado Springs, CO
Excellent Loan Officer & Processing Team to work with. Communication was great in both directions and their were actions were on-time. First loan I've done with the team, and look forward to future work together.

- Jim M. - July 2018, Oakdale, PA
Tammy and her team are a top-notch group. The entire financing process is tedious but with Tammy driving the process, I felt at ease. I have worked with Tammy several times in the past and will continue to look to her for all future financing.

- John L. - August 2015, Chicago, IL
Thank you! The process was very easy on my. I appreciate all the great work you and Anthony put forth throughout the process. Ir was such an easy process and you both kept me informed and offered me a great rate. Overall, I will definitely contact you again for a mortgage on a new home or another refinance.

- John L. - August 2015, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were truly rock stars during my process of purchasing my first home. They were ALWAYS there to answer any question that I had (however small and stupid it was!) and made me feel like I was their only client. I would highly recommend Tammy and her team to any of my friends or family that are in need of a loan or other bank service! I hope to work together with them in my next real estate adventure!

- John Michael K. - July 2017, Chicago, IL
I am a first time homebuyer. Tammy and her team could not have made it any easier for me. Step by step they were there to walk me through the process with great pleasure and manners. I highly recommend Tammy and her team to anyone looking to buy a home! 5 stars!!

- Jose M. - September 2017, Crownpoint, IN
To all Chicago area home buyers: I recently purchased a condo in Chicago. I was a little intimidated by the all the financials I would need to compile to lock down my loan. Well I needn't have worried. 'Team Tammy' made the entire process incredibly simple and stress free. Many thanks to Tammy Kim Hajjar, Anthony Borrello, Shane Shields and Michele Brusky, Solymar Gonzalez and Aracely Palomino!

Team Tammy was super friendly and crazy efficient. They all had my back. Great job guys! Do yourself a huge favor and go with Team Tammy.

- Joshua M. - January 2017, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her Team Tony, Aracely, Soly and Michele are wonderful. It was a pleasure working with them. I have worked with other banks and I never seen this type of customer service. Thank you to The Federal Savings Bank for having professionals that know what they are doing and also love their jobs.

- Juan P. - February 2018, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team set the bar to the highest level. From start to finish and beyond, Tammy Hajjar Miller and team were attentive, professional, and careful. They are truly outstanding and care about their clients. We will absolutely be referring Team Tammy to everyone we know.

- Juany H. - December 2019, River Forest, IL
Tammy, Anthony and their team were fantastic to work with. Not only are they friendly, but they are right on cue with direction and follow up. We did not have to worry that they were looking out for our interest at any point. We have already recommended their services to a friend and will reach out to them when we are ready to purchase again. Great TEAM! Thank you for making this process stress free.

- Julie and Craig B. - June 2016, Park City, UT
Tammy and her team worked hard to help us close our refinancing in record time, and were extremely responsive to every question we had.

- Julie and Steve K. - December 2016, La Grange Park, IL
Tammy and her team have been an extraordinary support in our loan process. We have now purchased three properties utilizing Tammy’s team. Each time they are resourceful and organized. They make the process as painless as possible and are always courteous and accommodating.

- Julie B. - February 2018, Chicago, IL
Tammy was a pleasure to work with. We ran into some problems with another lender, but Tammy was able to work with us and make sure we understood every step in the process. Being first time home buyers, we were very nervous and unsure about many things regarding buying a home. Tammy was able to calm those concerns and make sure we were comfortable with the entire experience. Tammy and her team were great and we would happily recommend them to others.

- Justin and Ashley B. - February 2015, Chicago, IL
I greatly appreciate your efforts in helping me stay within my desired time to close my loan by year end. It has been a pleasurable experience working with you and your bank. Thank you for everything.

- Kamonphan R. - November 2017, Lincolnwood, IL.
Tammy and her team were always quick to respond to emails and calls. This was our first mortgage so we had no clue what to expect, it was comforting to know that we could ask anything (even more than once) and get a fast, friendly reply! They also took the time to explain things from top to bottom, taking much complication and concern off our shoulders.

- Karolyn F. and Jim K. - June 2016, Chicago, IL
Tammy, I was impressed working with you and your team. Ratings at highest level, you guys did an excellent job. Thank YOU. Sent your information to a new buyer today :) He will be calling you tomorrow.

- Katarzyna K. (Realtor) - December 2019, Shaumberg, IL
We love to work with all Tammy’s team members!! When I see Tammy’s name in the Contract, I feel our client is in good hands, and everything will go smoothly! Thank you for it!!

- Kate M. (Attorney) - November 2018, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her entire team were fantastic! My husband and I were buying our first home and didn't know what to expect, but they walked us through the entire process, were always there to answer our questions and it felt like they were 3 steps ahead the entire time!

- Kate M. - May 2017, Chicago, IL
Fantastic experience! Everyone there is very knowledgeable and nice.

- Kathleen R. - November 2019, Dyer, IN
Tammy and her team are AMAZING!!! They made our first home buying experience very simple and actually very fun. They are all personable but very knowledgeable about all things home-buying related. Tammy was referred to me and I will be recommending her and her team to anyone I know who is going through the home buying process.

- Katy W. & Bobby I. - February 2019, Chicago, IL
This is someone with tenacity and the highest level of professionalism! After we got underway, she continued to be there to answer our many questions, was very responsive and extremely knowledgeable and followed the process through every stage. It is obvious that Tammy is someone who has an exceptional work ethic and seeks to problem solve and find and fill a customer’s need.

- Keith G. - August 2015, Green Lake, WI
I would like to sincerely thank you and your team at The Federal Savings Bank for the help you gave my family and me with closing my recent mortgage loan. As you know this can be a stressful time and you and your professional team were excellent at keeping the process moving forward and most importantly keeping the communication lines open as we quickly breezed through the process. This is the third time I have chosen The Federal Savings Bank for a mortgage loan and I will certainly use you and your team again in the future.

- Kelly G. - May 2016, Saint Simons Island, GA
We've had a few days to digest being homeowners and are finally able to respond to a few things. We wanted to thank all of you for all of the help over the last couple months as we finalized everything. There was a lot of waiting, and then moving really really fast. Thank you so much for answering all of our questions and guiding us through this process. We don't move in for a few more weeks, but have already started to clean and think about how we will make this our home.

- Kelly G. & Peter N. - November 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team are outstanding. Clearly communicates expectations, timelines, document requests, etc. Tammy and her team are willing to go the extra mile to make the process as smooth as possible!

- Kevin K. - October 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team are rockstars! Their communication throughout our home-buying process, along with their stellar customer service, made our experience “fun". Not once did I ever lose confidence that things would go well because they continuously exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to everyone I know with no reservations.

- Kevin Y. - September 2015, Chicago, IL
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the outstanding customer service you provided me and my fiancée throughout the entire process.

Your team went above and beyond to address the multiple questions and concerns we had as first time home buyers.

We will certainly recommend you to family and friends in the future.

Thanks again!

- Kim O. - May 2016, Chicago, IL
Thank you for everything, your team is full of rockstars!

- Kohnor G. - December 2019, Chicago, IL
Buyer was debating on two lenders who she wanted to work with. She stick with Tammy because she got a good feeling after meeting with Tammy. Tammy Team is very reliable and easy to work with. Thank you Tammy and the Team for another smooth transaction and looking forward to do more business together.

- Koi T. (Realtor) - February 2019, Chicago, IL
As a real estate professional, my expectation of a service from a lender is very high, especially when I’m in the buyer seat. I’ve been through hundreds of transactions throughout my career and I’ve been using many lenders, but I decided to choose Tammy as the lender on my own purchase. This is telling how much I trust and confident in her. Some people only care about the end result but to me, I care about every transition from start to finish. Tammy, and her team (Soly, Tony, Aracely, and Michelle), made the entire process seamlessly. They just lifted my bar!

- Koi T, Chicago, IL, January 2018
My husband and I were referred by our agent to Tammy Kim Hajjar at The Federal Savings Bank and she was great to work with! As first time home buyers, my husband and I were a little stressed about understanding all of the details and making sure we were making the right decision. Tammy was awesome! She came to our house twice to review details, got creative with our mortgage so that it would work out best for our finances and she even showed up at closing with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot!

Slam dunk:) Ask for Tammy!

- Kristen and Jeff T. - May 2015, Chicago, IL
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with you!

- Kristen K. (Realtor) - February 2019, Chicago, IL
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tammy and her team. She exceeded all of our expectations with the whole loan process. Tammy was always available to answer all our questions. Tammy and her team provided us with updates throughout the duration of the loan process so we always knew what was going on. I will we recommending Tammy and her team my friends and family because I know they will be in good hands.

- Kularb V. - December 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her entire team were wonderful, from start to finish. Most of my questions were answered before I could ask, and I felt informed, comfortable and confident all the way through. The team was able to turn around my loan extremely quickly and were attentive and responsive at all times. I cannot recommend Tammy & Co. strongly enough!

- Kyle L. - October 2016, Chicago, IL.
Was kept updated the entire way. Great job!

- Laura R. (Realtor) - February 2019, Hanover Park, IL
It was a pleasure working with you and your whole team. Genuinely great caring people. Thank you for getting the job done. I know it was challenging. You and your team will definitely get 5 stars from me!

- Laura V. - October 2016, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her team were awesome! Very communicative and on top of things. We closed ahead of schedule, and were pleased throughout. A pleasure to work with!

- Lauren N. - May 2018, Chicago, IL
Tammy made being a first-time home buyer the most simple and easy-going process it could have been for my husband and I!! Even during the pandemic when we couldn't meet face-to-face (and unfortunately still haven't!) we used Zoom to have meetings and she sent us spreadsheets with every bit of financial information broken down. I am 22 years old and thought this was going to be a long and stressful process, but it was a true joy working with Tammy. Her personal note cards and gifts sent to us throughout the process just to cheer us on were so thrilling to receive and very helpful during the moving process. Even more - she introduced us to Jon Millikin, our real estate broker. He was INCREDIBLE to us. Every time we met, he made us laugh and encouraged us during the hunt for the perfect home and he was excited with us when we found it. He'll be joining us at our house-warming party! Working with Tammy was the best thing that could have happened to my husband and I -- a couple of young adults just looking for a beautiful home and I truly feel we got so much more than that because of Tammy. Thank you!!”

- Leah M. - July 2020, Schaumburg, IL
Ted and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to circle back to this team to share our thanks for the help in the process. We are certainly operating in some unprecedented times at the moment; we appreciate the creativity and effort on everyone’s part to move the process along despite the circumstances! Thanks again- hope we can all catch up again and celebrate sometime in the future!

- Lexi J. and Ted S. - April 2020, Chicago, IL
I have to take a moment to tell you what a miracle Tammy Hajjar is. Having been recommended to us by a friend, we first met with Tammy while at another lender, and followed her to FSB. From the start her expert knowledge and sincere eagerness to understand our specific needs turned the intimidating process of buying our first home into a joyful experience.

Whether scribbling out diagrams or providing interactive spreadsheets of her own design, Tammy always took time to provide us the tools we needed to make great decisions. Beyond that, she made quick sense of the complex math, and helped us leverage creative options we never would have seen.

At multiple points during our closing, (a record-time short sale) Tammy explained some of the clever mechanisms we’d taken advantage of, and all the lawyers and agents in the room gave a collective “wow”, wishing they’d thought or heard of them before. Tammy helped us both understand and navigate incredible complexity with an inspired touch only afforded those who love what they do. Thank you TFSB!

- Liam H. - July 2015, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were absolutely fantastic in getting me through my first home purchase. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mortgage lender!

- Lin X. - February 2019, Chicago, IL
A pleasure to work with! Tammy and her team are very knowledgeable and super responsive. Would highly recommend!

- Liz G. - December 2018, Wilmette, IL
Excellent support for my client. On top of it; communicative; expeditious clear to close. Thanks Tammy and Team! Happy Clients...Happy Agent

- Lori N.- June 2018, Wilmette, IL
We had an exceptional experience going through our loan process with Tammy and her team. They were hands on, informative, and made sure the process went as smoothly as possible. I would recommend The Federal Savings Bank and this group of individuals to anyone looking for home loan services.

- Luke and Monika M. - June 2017, Lemont, IL.
We couldn't be more impressed about Tammy and her team's ability to help us close in a month. Her staff is extremely organized, efficient and they made the entire closing process fun. Thank you for all your help!

- Maria G. - May 2018, Wilmette, IL
Tammy Hajar Miller and her team were very knowledgeable, attentive and an absolute pleasure to work with.

- Maria L. - November 2019, Morton Grove, IL
Wonderful experience by the team.

- Marilyn Z. - July 2014, Chicago, IL
I am a business owner and in all my years of experience in dealing with various entities, never would I have expected that this would be actually be a pleasure! I could only hope that my own employees would provide the level of service I received from yours. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer this team to any of my associates, personal and professional.

- Marisa G. - August 2015, Green Lake, WI
Now that our boxes are unpacked and we’re settled into our new home, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding service we received from Tammy Kim Hajjar and her team at The Federal Savings Bank.

When we were seeking a mortgage lender to purchase a home in Boston, I immediately contacted Bernie Miller. I worked with Bernie when I was living in Chicago and stayed in touch with him when I relocated to Wisconsin. Bernie placed us in the very capable hands of Tammy Kim Hajjar. Tammy contacted us immediately and took the time to get to know us, understand our financial needs, and answer any questions we had. She followed-up the phone call with a detailed spreadsheet to help explain all costs associated with our mortgage and home purchase.

Tammy or a member of her team was in constant contact with us, our realtor, and our attorney throughout the three month process from pre-qualification, searching for a home, making an offer, and closing. We sensed that the sellers and even our own realtor and attorney in Boston had some reservations about us working with an “out of town” lender. These concerns were quickly alleviated as they came to know the professionals at The Federal Savings Bank. As can be expected when engaging in a real estate transaction from 1,000 miles away, we encountered a few bumps along the way. Tammy and the professionals we worked with at The First Federal Savings Bank were proactive in helping us resolve any issues that arose.

We would highly recommend Tammy Kim Hajjar and The First Federal Savings Bank to anyone seeking a home mortgage.

- Mark and Wendy D. - July 2015, West Roxbury, MA
Tammy and her team really went the extra mile to make sure my loan process was nice and smooth . I really appreciate their patience with me and getting me to the finish line . Thanks a lot .

- Mark B. - December 2019, Chicago, IL
We worked with Team Tammy on both our initial mortgage and our refinance. Each member of the team was fantastic to work with - they always kept us up to date on the process, made it easy to submit necessary documents, and were always available to take our calls when we had questions. Highly recommend!

- Mark F. - April 2020, Glenview, IL
Tammy and her team are pure awesome. Excellent and fast communication, knowledgeable, and it's palpable the trust they have in one another. We spoke with 3 other lenders - both big banks and smaller firms - and Tammy and her team far exceeded the other three. It was an easy decision to go with TFSB because of the team's helpfulness in answering all of our questions, their professional yet personable qualities, and stellar customer service. Thank you!

- Marlene C. - March 2019, Chicago, IL
From the bottom of the B family heart, we thank you guys for all your help and encouragement! You guys professionalism and downright cool spirit made this process an enjoyable one. I’ve learned a lot through this process and I talk about you guys all the time. We appreciate you guys so much, and I am sending virtual hugs and high fives! Tammy you are the Bomb.com! Shout out to Tony B! You are a force to be reckoned with! Tammy is the Beyoncé of the Mortgage industry! Tammy and her team treated us like family and we appreciate it so much. Her down to earth personality made this experience a smooth one. Her honesty and professionalism is the best!

- Marsha B. - November 2018, Chicago, IL
You and your team were amazing! Thank you for your guidance and hand-holding through this process. My family thanks you tremendously.

- Marvin M. - April 2016, Deerfield, IL
After working with Tammy Hajjar the past few months, I've realized she is VERY knowledgeable. She explained everything so it made since to me. Tammy was always there if I had questions about something and made sure to keep me up-to-date about what was going on. She made everything seem so easy-and it really was with her. I would recommend Tammy to others!

- Mary C. - March 2016, Barlett, IL
I can't thank you enough for your patience and promptness in all our communications. Five star rating doesn't seem enough but you'll be sure get one from me. Wishing all the best to you and your team.

- Mary Ellen G. - August 2016, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were the best I’ve ever had, informative, professional, friendly, above and beyond all expectations! Awesome! It was such a pleasure to do business with them, I would highly recommend to anyone to go there for business. Incredible Team!!

- Mary O. - October 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were very knowledgeable and friendly. They are extremely responsive and answered all questions. I was most impressed with the turnaround and how quickly we were able to close. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tammy to others.

- Matt M. - August 2016, Munster, IN
It was a pleasure working with Tammy. She was fast, efficient, and great to work with. She went above and beyond to answer our questions, address our concerns, and find us a mortgage tailored to our needs. We are very happy we decided to work her - it was a great experience.

- Mauricio A. - October 2014, Chicago, IL
As first time home buyers, we had no idea where to even begin. From the beginning, Tammy was Team Max and Molly. She discussed good, possibility for bad, and most importantly, the realistic expectations. We are so grateful that Tammy assisted us throughout this process and made it possible for us to purchase a home. Thanks Tammy!

- Max and Molly K. - August 2018, Chicago, IL
Buying a home is very stressful and can be very confusing, particularly for someone who does not have a financial background. Tammy Hajjar and her team at The Federal Savings Bank were patient and kind through the whole process; they boiled down all the rates and the terms and the acronyms in to information we needed to make the right decision. It wasn't easy, but Tammy always had our back and went above and beyond to make sure we got the best available loan at the lowest possible rate.


- Meagan and Jim M. - April 2016, Prospect Heights, IL
Tammy was kind, professional and incredibly helpful when obtaining a home equity loan. She was flexible to our needs and helped us through each step of the process. She made sure to make things as simple as they possibly can be when you're trying to obtain a loan. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone looking for a loan!

- Meghan and Dan H. - July 2018, Chicago, IL
The entire Tammy Hajjar team was thorough, thoughtful and treated me and my prospective mortgage as if I were the sole customer of the bank and that my business was their most important responsibility.

- Michael T. - October 2015, Chicago, IL
Thanks so much Tammy! Your team was amazing to work with and made the process very easy and enjoyable. We’ll be sure to refer you and the team to family and friends and would love to work with you again in the future! Keep in touch!

- Mike and Dana G. - June 2018, Chicago, IL.
I've worked in Real Estate for 4 years, and when it came time to purchase my own property I knew I could trust Tammy and her team to get the job done. They exceeded my wildest expectations. I was blown away by how smooth and easy the process was! I even asked my broker, "Is it always this easy?"

- Mike H. - March 2018, Chicago, IL
Tammy has been a pleasure to work with and I couldn't ask for anyone better to help me through this loan process. She helped us every step of the way and got us through every obstacle of the loan process. Tammy was very knowledgeable and helpful in making sure I understood everything that was going on and her pleasant, upbeat personality actually made the process quite enjoyable.

- Mike K. - June 2015, Chicago, IL
Working with Tammy and her team was one of the easiest parts in buying our first home. They took the time to explain everything to us, went over different options, answered every question we could possibly have, re-ran reports for us multiple times, and ultimately got us a great rate.

- Mike K. - November 2015, Chicago, IL
When we were ready to begin the mortgage process after being out of the home shopping experience for some time, we knew Tammy Hajjar was the one to contact. From the first call to the actual closing she was there every step of the way. The experience was exceptional because there were no surprises. Her thoughtful proposal of which loans and why helped us make the best decision for us. We had everything we needed such as a list of documents to prepare, timelines for the event and Tammy’s contact numbers regardless of day or time. Tammy’s ability to anticipate next steps and help put us at ease was demonstrated throughout the process. Tammy cultivates a relationship based on trust, support and unwavering commitment to excellence. The bonus for us was her attitude; pure sunshine! We would recommend her to anyone considering a large purchase and look forward to partnering with her again ourselves.

- Missy and Antonio S. - March 2015, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team are great! Super at getting back to you quickly and always there to answer questions. For a first time home buyer like me, that level of attention was much appreciated.

- Moy M. - May 2018, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her team were truly fantastic to work with and I cannot thank them enough! I really appreciated the weekly check-ins and that everything clearly was explained to me so there were no surprises. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone and look forward to working with her in the future!

- Natalie M. - March 2016, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were amazing. They provided by far the best service I've ever experienced with a home mortgage (yes, I've done this several times now). We always knew exactly what was happening and what was coming next. Tammy and her team were enthusiastic, responsive, and friendly. The best word I can think of to capture the whole experience is "exceptional".

- Nelson S. - December 2018, Haymarket, VA
Tammy and her team truly went the extra mile to ensure our first home buying experience was a FUN experience! We had a 30-day close, and while we had some initial doubts that all of the paperwork could be completed, Tammy and her team OVER DELIVERED! Tammy was timely, informative, and made the entire experience enjoyable. Thank you Tammy and Team!

- Nick B. and Kerry C. - February 2015, Chicago, IL
We have bought properties before and the loan process with Tammy and her team was hands down the best experience we have ever had. They walk you through the process and it was not overwhelming and they keep in the loop each step of the way to ensure you understood what was going on.

- Nicole and Andre B. - November 2016, Chicago, IL.
Tammy and her team have made this whole transaction painless and exciting. Not only were they knowledgeable but also efficient and precise. If you have the option, go with this team!

- Nicole and Levi E. - September 2015, Chicago, IL
As a realtor I can proudly say that I am growing my business thanks to Tammy and her incredible team at The Federal Savings Bank. It is an honor to work with such a professional who is so on top of her game and treats all of her clients and colleagues like family. Tammy is an absolute expert and knows about the mortgage and lending business inside and out. She made herself available to me at anytime and could answer any questions big or small easily and confidently while never being condescending or making you feel rushed. There is no doubt in my mind that all of her reviews are five out of five stars. What is amazing to me is how she makes you feel as if you were only client. She is an asset to my real estate team and treats every single one of my clients like gold. Every single one of my clients are thrilled to work with her and have the most incredible things to say about her and how they are treated. It is in valuable having Tammy, Tony, Solymar and the rest of her team at The Federal Savings Bank.

- Nikki H. (Realtor) - November 2018, Chicago, IL
We were first time home buyers and Tammy's team (particularly Tony) was exceptional in making the process understandable and smooth in all communications with us. They were very responsive to our questions or concerns, and often preemptively addressed any issues that may have arisen. The entire process was very smooth and we could not have been happier with their contributions to that.

- Nikki K. - October 2019, Chicago, IL
Thank you all at The Federal Savings Bank for making our dream of owning a home a realty. I should have send this earlier but I hope you understand we're still cut up in this wonderful moment. You and your outstanding team we sincerely believed worked so hard to pull this off. I actually started with 5 banks for the mortgage but stopped talking with the rest after my first conversation with you. The first time I talked to you and Mr. Tony, you made me believe I have the right people and the true professionals to work with. Your response to any concern or issues were always prompt, detailed and satisfying. From our family to the outstanding team at Federal Savings Bank, THANK YOU!

- Nurudeen A. - October 2015, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team were excellent to work with. They are true professionals and kept everyone on track.

- Patrick and Laura F. - May 2016, Chicago, IL
I just bought my first house and couldn't have asked for a better team to work with, than Tammy's team at The Federal Savings Bank. Tammy and her team are very responsive, communicative and super helpful. They made the home buying process for a first time buyer such as myself, an absolute cakewalk - and we were able to close smoothly in less than 30 days! I recommend Tammy for her excellent customer service and hard-working team. Cheers Team Tammy!

- Perna and Dan E. - July 2018, Oakdale, PA
The team led by Tammy Hajjar at The Federal Savings Bank was the most efficient and responsive group of mortgage and banking professionals that I have dealt with in over thirty years of real estate transactions. I was provided information in a clear and concise manner in a format that most business professionals are accustomed but is not found in the mortgage industry.

There were no surprises with this team. I highly recommend utilizing Tammy Hajjar and The Federal Savings Bank team.

- Pete L. - May 2016, Chicago, IL
We recently closed on a new home purchase in our town. Working with the team from Federal Savings Bank was a great experience. With their expertise, the process went smoothly and everything was completed on time.

- Peter and Sue H. - December 2015, Glenview, IL
You guys crushed it! Beth is going to be a great referral for us both moving forward. Also, I am working on some new buyers for next year that I want to introduce you to. Thank you again for the thoughtful holiday gift- you are the best! Merry Christmas!!

- Prashanth P. (Realtor) - December 2019, Chicago, IL
Team Tammy is great, their complete staff allowed for all level processes to be easily completed in one place. Would use them again in the future!

- Rachel H. - July 2020, Chicago, IL
I was very impressed with Tammy and her entire team for the duration of our property purchase experience. From in person meeting with Tammy to actual closing, I felt fully informed about my options and always felt like they were on my team. I would not hesitate to work with them again on an additional property purchase. I couldn’t ask for a better team during this entire process. If you need blood, I’m ready. Type b+.

- Rebekah B. - January 2020, Chicago, IL
Tammy and her team at The Federal Savings bank were terrific in helping us through the entire home buying process - from loan pre-approval to closing as scheduled. They are highly responsive and communicate every step of the way. I highly recommend working with them!

- Richard and Margaret B. - March 2018, Wilmette, IL
We had the great fortune to choose Tammy and her team for our refinance. I cannot express how much we appreciate their hard work. They were always available to answer our questions and they made the entire process seem easier than I would have ever believed.

- Richard T. - July 2020, Mt. Prospect, IL
I have done business with Tammy Hajjar in the past. She has been Amazing! Refinancing my home with Federal Savings Bank was an easy process. Tammy Hajjar and her team made the experience a pleasant one. I was kept informed throughout the entire process.

- Robert P. - July 2015, Chicago, IL
I want to take the time to thank each and every person I worked with at Federal Savings Bank. Tammy Kim Hajjar and her team was fantastic. Tammy and Tony Borrello consistently kept in touch and answered all questions that I had. Michelle in underwriting was awesome, as was Tammy's assistant, Soly. As a former analyst I was in awe at Tammy's very helpful spreadsheet. Everything Tammy and her team did made the purchasing of my condo so much easier. I have already referred a friend to use their services. Thanks again!!!

- Ruby H. - March 2016, Chicago, IL
It was a pleasure working with you and Anthony. Will recommend you to ALL My friends and family. Our experience working with you was the best we ever had with any loan officer. You were kind, courteous, and more than accommodating to our needs. You are the best! Thank you so much.

- Ruth T. - October 2015, Justice, IL
Tammy and her team were so great to work with! Incredibly responsive and got my client an awesome rate. Would recommend again for sure!

- Sarah A. (Realtor) - March 2019, Chicago, IL
Tammy and the rest of the team,

Thank you so much for all of your work over these past few weeks. Your professionalism, high levels of communication, and transparency were greatly appreciated. It was clear from our first few interactions that all of you ran a very different operation from another bank! :)

It truly has been a pleasure working with all of you. And Sean and I will definitely refer business you way ... without a doubt!

- Sebastian C. - October 2016, Chicago, IL.
We just closed on a house last week through The Federal Savings Bank, with the most magnificent/efficient team I’ve ever worked with Tammy Hajjar, Senior VP and her team: Anthony Borrello, Michele Brusky and many more. Not only were they polite and extremely efficient, but got the job done within 6 weeks of when we first put a bid on our house. That was just amazing. We knew what to expect and when to expect it throughout the entire process. They always answered calls/emails promptly and you were ALWAYS in the loop, ie. Touch-base Tuesdays.

I will refer all friends and family to the Tammy Team, knowing they’ll get the best service there is to offer. Again, they were an informative, fun, calming group of people to work with. My husband always tells me that he enjoys working with people who know what they’re doing and this group definitely does.

- Sharon and Tony J. - June 2016, Wonder Lake, IL
We've never had a smoother close process, ever. The timelines were very tight with some complexity in our situation and the Federal Savings Bank team navigated the process very smoothly and took all the stress on themselves! I can honestly say we were never worried throughout the process. They were professional, intelligent, informative and played the role of advisors throughout our process - including providing tech support, counseling and advisory support on the best products for our situation. We couldn't be happier and would recommend them and use them again.

- Shivani D. - April 2016, Deerfield, IL
Tammy, Anthony and the entire team at The Federal Savings Bank are the consummate professionals. Their hard work, dedication and superior customer service are unsurpassed.

Our loan was processed quickly and efficiently and our questions were always answered in a fast and friendly manner. The team surpassed our expectations, meeting deadlines on time and staying in close contact us throughout the entire process.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Tammy Hajjar's team on future loans.

- Stephanie and Harald J. - May 2015, Chicago, IL
First born and pint of blood set aside, refinancing didn't even require a drop of sweat or an ounce of gas, as the closing was very smooth and done online while at home. Thanks again to you and your team for taking a stressful process and making it a smooth and painless one. Thanks to Soly for answering my question and getting back to me in timely manner when she didn't have the answers at the time.

- T. A. - April 2020, Hoffman Estates, IL
Tammy and her team are exceptionally professional! The team is proactive and transparent during the whole process with no stone unturned. We are repeat customers and will continue to use Tammy and the dream team on our next home purchase! Our realtor was highly impressed as well and he said he’d recommend her to his clients! Thanks once again Tammy!

- Tammy & John V. - January 2019, Flint, TX
We just recently bought our first home and Tammy Hajjar of The Federal Savings Bank in Chicago made this a wonderful experience.

Tammy’s competence, professionalism, and delightful presence made working with her and her team a great experience. We can highly recommend Tammy and truly believe that without her this process would not have been as positive.

- Tanja P. - March 2015, Chicago, IL
Your team and you are a total ROCKSTAR! We had an absolutely amazing experience during the whole mortgage process. Your team and you were able to help us accomplish almost impossible in such a little time that it doesn't even feel real yet! We were able to move into our dream house only because of your efforts and guidance throughout. Last but not least, your professionalism is commendable!! Thank you for all you do!!

- Taru and Manish K. - January 2015, Chatham, NJ
Tammy and her team are definitely the BEST! They went above and beyond my expectations. They made everything possible for first-time home buyer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

- Tashatai N. - March 2020, Chicago, IL
Our entire loan experience was wonderful! Tammy and her team were knowledgeable and on point with communication so we knew what to expect every step of the way. Her whole team has such a great positive attitude that it made our day, every day. Thank you guys so much – you’re the best!-Cheers

- Tiffany and Marc J. - February 2018, Winnetka, IL
Your team has been nothing short of amazing through a really horrific process. I am grateful for all of you. Tony was exceptionally responsive, kind, and patient. a true joy to work with.

- Tiffany D. - April 2020, Winfield, IL
To work with Tammy and her team is the greatest experience anyone who is asking to borrow thousands of dollars from, can find. they are top notch people. Anytime we had a question it was sent via email to her team but always answered via phone! Yes, they call you not email you, to be sure we understood everything. Her process from the initial call to closing is beyond expectation. We thank you Tammy and team! We appreciate every one of you!

- Tim and Meryc A. - March 2017, Chicago, IL.
I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Tammy Hijjar and her team. Through every step of the process they were communicative and supportive. I appreciated their consistent communication throughout the process.

- Toby W. - Chicago, IL, September 2016
Hi Tammy! I want to thank you and your team for making my home loan happen. Your team was quick and courteous to respond to any questions and concerns that came up. That speaks volumes! Thanks again for your collaboration.

- Tomasa L. - April 2017, Acres, FL
My transaction went very smoothly thanks to everyone on Federal Savings's side and I was very prepared also. I think perfect combination of both parties and both should be very happy with the results.

- Tony S. - Hoffman Estates, IL. September 2016
You were very helpful and fun to work with. One thing that stuck out was you were always available if I had questions. Additionally, you made it very easy to understand all the craziness that was going on, which I really appreciate as a first time home buyer. If I hear of any friends looking to purchase in the near future, I will 100% recommend that they go with you as there mortgage lender. Thank you for everything, you rock.

- Trent W. - October 2015, Chicago, IL
Even when it's the right thing to do, the idea of refinancing is daunting. For several years, I knew I should take advantage of lower interest rates, but never acted. Then one day, I was introduced to Tammy Hajjar. And alongside her team (Hi, Anthony!), Tammy showed me that with knowledge, patience, and professionalism, the process can be just the opposite of what kept me on the sidelines. In fact, not only would I work with The Federal Savings Bank again, but I also urge anyone in a similar position [read: lazy] to contact TFSB today! Like, NOW!! Right. Now. (Seriously, these people are so accessible that I don't think they sleep.)

- Tyler M. - June 2016, Germantown, MD
I would like to thank Tammy and her team for all of their help as I applied for a loan for my new home. Tammy, Tony and Michele were all very pleasant and took the time to help me understand the process as it moved along. The closing went through without a hitch!

- Vernetta T. - November 2017, Huntley, IL.
Tammy and her team was our dream team for closing on our house! My fiancé and I were first time home buyers under an extreme time crunch. Tammy and her team took us step by step through the process and made our dreams come true. Such an amazing experience, I would highly recommend The Federal Savings Bank!!!

- Vincent M. - July 2020, Hoffman Estates, IL
Tammy was very kind, knowledgeable, and organized. I felt my like she and her team were on top of everything from start to finish. I will definitely use them again and refer them to others!

- Vivian K. - February 2019, Western Springs, IL
5 stars!! Tammy and her team were a joy to work with. We heard about others' experiences with home-buying and expected it to be long and stressful. Tammy ensured the process would be very smooth for us and it was. We never sensed any unnecessary headaches or pressure. Weekly status updates were given and she handled every request with just the right amount of flexibility. Tammy kept her word and didn't request a pint of blood. We will definitely refer her to anyone looking to buy. Truly the best!

- Whitney A. - August 2017, Chicago, IL
It was a pleasure to work with a team that treated me like a person rather than just some business transaction. The team was accountable, trustworthy, and professional at all times, which gave me piece of mind while making such an important decision in my life.

- Yezenia G. - April 2015, Chicago, IL
Tammy AND her team made obtaining a mortgage an uncomplicated experience. Responses were quick and appropriate. Will use in the future.

- Yvonne M. - August 2018, Chicago, IL
Always a pleasure working with Tammy and team!

- Zach and Amy W. - March 2015, Highland Park, IL
Tammy was great to work with. Always cheerful and got things done.

- Zani S. (Realtor) - March 2019, Chicago, IL