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Steven Odebralski, aka “ODB”, grew up in Buffalo, New York. He attended Loyola University Chicago, graduating with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Foreign Relations in 2011. He is currently in the iMBA program at the University of Illinois. Steven proudly served in the Marine Corps as a Cyber and Space Operations Planner and retired after 21 years as a Captain.

Steven was introduced to the financial industry in 2006 as an investor. He relies on being proactive, creative, and determined to provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience for his clients. He has high ethics and morals that will help the customer navigate tricky situations. He is always quick to respond and prides himself on having great communication skills to help the customer know what is happening to their loan and why, so there is no confusion. Having served for 21 years, Steven has always looked out for ways to help others. As Steven retires from the Marine Corps, he wishes to continue helping people by allowing them the ability to own a place they can call home and chase their American Dream.

Steven currently resides in Minneapolis, MN with his girlfriend, Mia, and their two rescue dogs, Charlie and Nala. He is a proud uncle to his two nieces, and he loves the outdoors! In the summer, you will likely find Steven out hiking, camping, riding around on the open road on his Ducati or tending to his three-honeybee hives as a Beekeeper! In addition to growing his hive count as he helps local farmers pollinate their crops, Steven also recently started a hydroponics farm to help the local populace receive fresh vegetables and herbs. Steven is also a bit of a fitness junky who workouts regularly and is always looking for a fun new way to stay fit and healthy, possibly looking to join a row house in Minneapolis to get out on the open water. When he is not doing those fun activities, he can be found investing in real estate or reading a great book!