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Siomara Barboza

Vice President


Raised in the city of Chicago, born in Guadalajara, but deeply grounded in her Costa Rican roots, Siomara came to this country at the age of 3 with her family. Shortly after graduating from the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois and given her customer-service oriented nature, she discovered an organic fit in the mortgage industry.

With over 10 years of experience, she has the knowledge to help homeowners structure their loans according to their financial goals. She prides herself in caring for first-time buyers who require extra help and special attention in understanding the entire home-buying process.

Siomara’s personal mission is to efficiently manage the mortgage process while providing superior and meaningful customer service. She was able to find the platform and the support that she needed at The Federal Savings Bank. This professional alliance has given her the opportunity to align herself with exceptional team members with senior level experience. Working at The Federal Savings Bank enables Siomara to provide an array of financings including, but not limited to, asset based financing, nonwarrantable condo financings, portfolio jumbos along with conventional, FHA and VA financing.

Siomara continues to live and work in the Chicagoland area where she enjoys running, trying new restaurants, traveling and finding new ways to be active in her community.


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- Todd B.
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- Suriani L., Washington State
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- Jessica and Dennis
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- The Z Family
Thank you so much for your help these past few months helping Sylvia and me with the loan application for our home. You both were great in answering all of our questions and helping us keep everything on track. We are excited to move in and have you both over to the new house soon for the house warming party! We'll also be happy to recommend you to any friends of ours if they are looking for a great lender. Thanks for your great work and for the great house warming gift.

- Aaron and Sylvia C
I am most satisfied with all the staff and was treated like a VIP from start to finish. Thank you all!

- Alejandro H
My banker, Siomara, was awesome she explained everything to me in professional manner she was always there for my I will call her any time after hours weekends nights morning she will answer me. I had a pleasant time working with her and I will recommend her to everyone that I know who's looking to get a loan.

- Amjad J
Siomara and Lori have been great to work with and super helpful the whole way through the process.

- Andrew R
I loved working with both Siomara and Lori, and props to Lori for answering my millions of questions from start to finish, for both condos!

- Aneta K
We were really blessed that the realtor referred us to this company. We are really grateful to Siomara Barboza and her team (Lina, Kenia and the rest of the staff). They are just amazing. We congratulate The Veteran Federal Bank for having such an amazing staff.

- Angel V
Words will NEVER be enough to Express my complete satisfaction with Siomara and Lori. I was completely unaware and unsure of the mortgage process alone. Being recently divorced and on my own for the 1st time in years these ladies put all my worries at ease. From beginning to end I was completely taken care of. You have an Outstanding Team of Caring Bankers at your company. I can Never say enough about this Awesome company. Thank You Simomara and Lori you ladies are my Heros.

- Annette I
Por diferentes razones no habíamos podido escribirte, pero no quisimos dejar pasar un día mas para agradecerte por la amabilidad y el profesionalismo con que nos atendiste siempre, la verdad es que en todo momento nos sentimos con mucha confianza para plantearte nuestras dudas acerca del proceso para adquirir el préstamo y nos explicaste paso por paso cada una de las etapas que este tuvo. También queremos felicitarte por el extraordinario trabajo que realizas y hacerte saber que no dudaríamos en recomendarte con cualquiera de nuestros familiares y amigos para que puedas ayudarlos como lo has hecho con nosotros.

Gracias a Dios hoy en dia nuestro sueno de comprar una casa se hizo realidad y tu fuiste parte importante para lograr ese sueno. Mil gracias !!!!!! Que Dios te bendiga siempre!!!

- Byron H
From start to finish, everything with the loan application was executed in a timely manner. Every question was immediately answered. Siomara and her team definitely exceeded all of our expectations.

- Camila M
Extra credit for Siomara Barboza and Lori Felix for outstanding communication through the entire presses, I can say that my overall experience was excellent.

- Carlos O
Siomara was a DREAM to work with. We had left for a pre-planned vacation while in the middle of trying to lock everything down with a condo purchase and Siomara walked us through al! The paperwork via phone while we did everything off of the Hotel computers. Once everything was submitted, she told us to enjoy every minute of our vacation and she would take care of it from there, which was a huge relief! Once we returned, we met with her to go over more information about the loan process. She was EXTREMELY patient, she repeated things we were confused about and answered all of our questions. She was very thorough and did everything she could to make us feel comfortable and secure with the purchase and the payments. Following this, she stayed in contact with us via email chains with our real estate agent and lawyer. Having everyone on the same page made everything less stressful for us. Siomara even came to our closing and STAYED the entire time. l had heard from many that your loan officer almost never comes to the closing, but she was there and supportive and amazing the entire time. I literally have a magnet with her info on my fridge so I can easily pass along her info to my friends and family.

- Carolyn C
Being first time home buyers, the entire process can be overwhelming. But the scariest part is definitely the money aspect. At the recommendation of a friend, we were introduced to Siomara at The Federal Savings Bank. Even before we were ready to start looking at houses, Siomara did a great job of preparing us and explaining the whole process. Once the pre-qualifying process began and through to closing, Siomara and Lori went well above our expectations. They accommodated any questions we had, paid attention to each little detail, and made the entire process as smooth and relaxing as possible. They refer to their team as “rockstars” and we couldn’t agree more!

- Eric and Ashley T
We are very satisfied with everything! You guys are amazing and we cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication to our needs! Big thank you to Siomara, Victor and Lina! You guys are awesome!!!

- Felicia R
Dear Siomara:

One more time, I want to tell you and your wonderful team, thanks a lot to get Maria's loan closed in just 30 days since she took the application. You and your great team worked really hard to get this done, helping us to resolve any and all the problems that we went through. I remembered several times that we had questions to be answered right away, and due to my client's really busy schedule, you or your assistant called us back immediately even if it was late nights or weekends with the right answer. Your professionalism showed me that you complied 100% on the terms of the loan that your offered to Maria when she took the application. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope that this new year 2018 bring us a lot of business and we will be able to keep helping people to buy their houses.

- Francisco B (Realtor)
The process was so smooth, great and fast communication. The team always kept us to date. Answered all our questions promptly.

- Frank and Odila F
Thank you for the awesome teamwork you guys provided. Communication and execution got me the house I wanted.

- Guillermo N
Siomara, Lori and Lina are the kind of employers that every company would like to have, they are the best assets that The Federal Savings Bank have, they work as a team and they project a professional and clean job through all the process. Thanks to The Federal Savings Bank to put in this process my 3 Charlie’s angels.

- Hugo O
Siomara Barboza and Lori Felix, knowledge of the loan process and ability to answer questions, as well as all department team involved made this experience pleasant. Good Job!!

- Isaac and Eunice L
We are so pleased to have had Siomara Barboza help us with our mortgage loan. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. We are so glad we made the right choice. Siomara and her team are outstanding; we will definitely refer our family and friends!

- Ismael and Arianna R
Siomara and her team helped us throughout our home buying process and were there to answer our questions every step of the way. We would highly recommend this lender and would definitely work with them in the future.

- Jacqueline L
You and your team once again did an amazing job!! You absolutely crushed the entire process and exceeded all expectations!! You make is so easy but I know it is a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes.

- Jeff K
You were beyond great during this process and very knowledgeable! I felt very comfortable working with you and your staff and it was very stress free. I am enjoying the house and I'm glad that I made the decision to become a homeowner!

- Jessica M
Siomara made a difficult process look very easy. With her expertise and her supportive team she was able to assist me with the financing of my 2 flat and complete the transaction in less than 3 weeks! I was originally working with a mortgage consultant at another company where they had me chasing conditions and verifications of employment for almost 3 months before I nearly lost the property and gave up. I was told I needed to contact a professional mortgage banker named Siomara. I am so thankful I did and will be forever appreciative of her hard work and diligence throughout the process.

- Johny D
Great team, excellent service and communication. We couldn't have anticipated how well they were going to take care of us. We appreciated all the hard work they put into the process. Siomara and her team were always there if we had any questions or concerns.

- Jorge R
Thank you to the team , thank you to Diana, Juan, Siomara, Lori, etc. For helping me in purchasing my first house. Thanks again.

- Jorge P
Thank you for making my home selling and buying process easy. You were AMAZING to work with! Thanks for everything!

- Josefina D
Siomara and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Whenever we were met with a bump in the road, they were always there to help out and lend support. We would be happy to recommend them to friends and family!

- Kelsey K
Siomara was great to work with. We have worked with her 4 times and it has always been a pleasure to work with. Will definitely reach out to her along the road for future investments.

- Lucila & Ernesto C
Siomara and her team were wonderful. I'm a first time home buyer and had so many questions; I was nervous, and really wanted to understand everything. Siomara was very patient with me and made sure no question was left unanswered. In addition, she worked collaboratively with our realtor and lawyer which I think helped make the process extremely smooth. Overall, she made home buying seem easier than anticipated while always being cheerful and upbeat.

- Marilyn C
Love Siomara and Victor! They have taken care of us twice. They are super helpful, kind, and take their time to make sure we understand everything about the process and the loan etc. I appreciate them so much. I have so much trust in Siomara.

- Marilyn C
I was very satisfied with the service and quick turnaround time. I will highly recommend them to my friends and colleagues. Thank you very much!

- Maritza M
Siomara & Lori were amazing!! They were extremely helpful, and knowledgeable during the entire process. They were a joy to work with!!! We could not have asked for a better group of ladies to embark on this journey with us!!

- Melissa R
Siomara and her entire staff were amazing and a pleasure to work with. We are 1st time home buyers and they made the process easy and stress free; they made sure we understood everything along the way. Great Team of friendly and professional people. Thanks a Million you guys!!

- Monique S
For being first time home buyer, I had outstanding experience with The Federal Saving Bank. Siomara Barboza was great to work with. She helped answer any of the questions I had through the process and was very knowledgeable. Responses were fast and the entire process was very smooth. Siomara and her assistant Lori Felix made this experience extremely easy. I would highly recommend The Federal Saving Bank for Friends and Family for great customer service and trusted advisory.

- Ra'fat M
Thank you so much for helping us purchase our dream home. We really appreciate all your support and effort.

- Rima K
Siomara was like a good and trusted friend guiding me through the home buying process. Each staff member that I worked with was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional.

- Sharon A
This letter is being written to share my great experience working with The Federal Savings Bank in Chicago, IL. The Vice-President of Mortgage Lending, Siomara Barboza, was incredible at her job and must have a great team behind her to be able to help me so much. Siomara and her team worked very quickly and professionally and helped me get a 30 year fixed loan when others could not.

I was denied previously by a lender due to the condos total investment concentration and no matter what they did they could not get me a 30 year fixed loan. I thought my hopes of buying this home was ended until I contacted Siomara and she took over. Within a couple short days she called me back and said that The Federal Savings Bank could get me a 30 year fixed loan at a great rate.

- Troy F
I would like to thank you and express my deep appreciation for your services in my refinancing the loan on my house. I am grateful for your taking the time to discuss and meticulously explore the best options for me, explaining every single number and detail, and guide and advise me beyond the loan itself. As you know, to me, the refinancing of the loan was too serious of a matter to handle online, over the phone and impersonally communicating with some distant loan officer, who is knows where in this big and wide country. I had spoken to my long time banker regarding this concern of mine. My banker had recommended you and spoke very highly of you.

- Vesna K