Seif ben Rejeb Photo

Seif ben Rejeb

Mortgage Banker


Seif graduated from Tunis University with a bachelor’s degree in Fundamental Physics. After graduating, Seif lead in customer relations, overseeing and resolving issues regarding inventory and finance at his previous company in Michigan. Thereafter, Seif owned a business where he experienced all phases of sales B2C and B2B, managing inventory, accounting, financing, being successful and doing business with a variety of companies throughout his career.

Seif has lived in many countries such as Tunisia, Italy, Canada and the United States. Within his many experiences abroad, Seif was able to fluently learn Arabic, French, Italian, and English. Because of his diverse experiences, he is able to help potential customers as a mortgage lender. Seif excels in cultural diversity and awareness, allowing him to know and understand that each client varies from the other, and will help identify their immediate and long-term financial goals.

Seif resides in Tampa, Florida. Outside of work, Seif lives a very active life as his into fitness, is an avid swimmer, and enjoys sporting and participating in a variety of sports. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending special events, or just having a relaxing day on the beach.