Sebastian Russo Photo

Sebastian Russo

Mortgage Banker


Sebastian Russo graduated from Dean College and went on to continue his education at Fordham studying economics. He started his career on Wall Street then moved on to commodities a few years later. In 1982, Sebastian mad the transition to become a mortgage banker, and has been successful in the endeavor. Thorough out his career, he has spent many years as a loan officer, regional manager, and as a teacher training recruits when called upon. Sebastian also owned a mortgage banking operation where he specialized in jumbo mortgages and construction financing. He has spent the last five years in commercial banking.

With more than 30 years of experience in mortgage lending, Sebastian has the knowledge and expertise to guide each of his client through the mortgage process to achieve their financial goals. Having helped thousands of clients achieve home loans across the US, he has the wisdom and skills to effectively guide his clients to the best mortgage option that will help them achieve their financial goals. Because of his extensive knowledge of available programs, expertise and commitment to excellence, Sebastian ensures his clients receive superior guidance as they pursue one of the most personal investments of their lifetime.

Sebastian resides in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife and 8 grandchildren. When away from work, he enjoys many outdoor sports such as tennis, sailing and fencing which he taught in college. Sebastian also is a student of the guitar, piano and oil painting.