Scott Oviatt Photo

Scott Oviatt

Vice President


Scott Oviatt graduated from Northwestern University with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He began his professional career in Denver as a Series 7 Licensed Financial Advisor. Through this experience, Scott became an expert in personal finance matters such as budgeting, asset allocation, retirement planning, and insurance. After a successful career as a Financial Advisor, Scott made the decision to transition into mortgage lending industry in 2002 where he focused on helping his clients make appropriate mortgage program decisions. In 2008, Scott made another career decision to leave the mortgage lending industry to become a professional golf instructor. For a number of years, he taught golf lessons, before returning to the mortgage lending industry in 2013.

With more than 12 years of financial and mortgage planning experience, Scott has the ability to not only help his clients manage their liabilities but also help them recognize holes in their overall financial plan. He prides himself on taking the time to understand his customers’ immediate and long term goals to find the best financial solution for them to achieve their objectives. Having worked with hundreds of clients, Scott understands how difficult and confusing the loan approval process can be to clients. He has worked hard to develop a streamlined procedure to minimize inefficiencies and get his clients’ loans through underwriting in a simple and timely manner.

Scott has lived in the Chicago area for 35 years. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his 4 year old son, playing golf and basketball, and going to see live music.