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Scott O’Connell attended California State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics. In his past, he has worked as a Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer before succeeding in multiple roles within a global custody bank and one of the nation’s largest credit unions. Scott has plenty of expertise to go along with a great deal of financial and analytical knowledge, making him a top-notch candidate to help you with your financial goals.

Scott is back working as a Reverse Mortgage Banker, his original passion, and he enjoys every second of it. Because Scott has a natural love for economics, his expertise will forever continue to grow. This also allows him to effectively and efficiently discuss and explain all the steps he and his clients take together on their journey through the loan process. Scott truly does love the two main things about his job: economics and helping others achieve their goals.

Scott currently lives in Ione, California, with his talented and savvy wife, Alicia, beautiful and intelligent daughter, Rylee, and adorable Golden Retriever, Georgia. In his free time, Scott enjoys playing golf, noodling on a guitar, toiling over DIY house projects, travelling to high school sporting events, and walking with the dog at sunrise. Finally, thanks to education from his daughter, Scott can recite an uncomfortable amount of Taylor Swift trivia and lyrics (#girldad)!