Scott Androvic Photo

Scott Androvic

Mortgage Banker


Scott R. Androvic graduated from St. Joseph’s College with a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Finance. Prior to that, Scott served 6 years in the Marines, receiving numerous awards and commendations.

Before joining The Federal Savings Bank, Scott served 10 years as a detective in the NYPD, finishing his career serving in the Emergency Service Unit, the elite division of the NYPD who performs rescue, SWAT and other high risk tactical, counternarcotic and counterterror operations before transitioning into the real estate industry.

With over 10 years of combined real estate and mortgage experience, Scott utilizes his vast knowledge of the current market to guide his clients in achieving their home financing goals. His extensive client base includes every category of buyer: first time, self-employed, high net worth and commercial. His commitment and thorough understanding of industry products allow him to match every client to the ideal financing.

Scott resides in Connecticut and enjoys an active lifestyle playing sports and spending time with friends, family and his young son.