Ryan Kennedy Photo

Ryan Kennedy

Mortgage Banker


Ryan Kennedy graduated from Central Michigan University with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Psychology. He has an inherent interest in helping and working with people, and early in his career he began as a crisis counselor, working with people across the country. Although his father was a banker for his entire career, Ryan did not initially foresee himself in the financial industry. He transitioned into mortgage banking in 2004. He enjoys helping people realize homeownership and putting clients into programs that help them improve their financial situation. He quickly found it to be more satisfying to help people. Although he has always physically resided in Michigan, he has built lifelong relationships nationwide over his career.

Insiders in the banking industry know Ryan to be a rare bird. Ryan has helped thousands of clients and is one of the most experienced bankers. Out of all his accomplishments, he feels his biggest compliment is his coworkers in the same profession asking him to handle their own mortgage. He has made some uncommon sacrifices for clients in extenuating circumstances. For example, after completion of helping his client purchase a new home, he flew across the country on his own dime and helped the veteran move into the home. The veteran had no living relatives and was going through a rough time.

Ryan and his son Noah have a big soft spot for all animals! They have two mischievous dogs that they love very much. One of them can climb trees and scale an 8-foot fence! In his free time, Ryan and Noah are both big sports fans of their local Michigan teams. Ryan began volunteering at homeless shelters in the Detroit area over a decade ago and has Noah come with him to help with every event. Noah recently took up hockey which occupies most of their weekends during the season, but during the summer, they are out on a sandbar playing with their dogs whenever they can.