Rodrigo Ruiz Photo

Rodrigo Ruiz

Vice President


Rodrigo Ruiz began his career in mortgage lending in 2001. Since then he has found success in helping place thousands of families into their dream home as well as aiding others with refinancing existing home loans to be in a better financial situation. Rodrigo has established himself as one of the best mortgage bankers in the Chicagoland area, and is well respected throughout the real estate community for his commitment to delivering quality results.

With 15 years of experience in mortgage lending, Rodrigo understands that every client is unique, and strives to deliver the best possible solution to each one while maintaining a high level of customer service. Making sure his clients are well taken care of throughout the mortgage process is his number one priority. Rodrigo is constantly leveraging the latest technology tools to make the home buying process as simple as possible while monitoring future market conditions to ensure his clients always have the best possible loan terms for their situation. As a Vice President at The Federal Savings Bank, Rodrigo has access to resources that provide his clients and referral partners with the industry’s best comprehensive financial solutions for today’s real estate market.

When away from work, Rodrigo is very passionate about baseball. He coaches his son’s little league team, and helps him continue to develop his game. He also enjoys working out, and loves spending time with his family. As time permits, Rodrigo enjoys hitting the open road on his Harley – his favorite form of relaxation.