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Rob Balmer

Regional Senior Vice President


Rob Balmer is a 30 year Financial Services and Mortgage Banking Veteran who works personally with American Seniors. Rob leads our HECM National Division of FHA HECM Advisors to promote public awareness of the Federally regulated and insured HUD/ FHA HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage). He is nationally recognized as an expert and innovator in the HECM industry.

Rob and his wife of 36 years, Jana are Colorado natives. They have raised 2 successful daughters and enjoy their grandchildren every weekend. Both are active in their church and community. Working together as a team, they have learned to appreciate the satisfaction of helping others achieve dreams.

From a humble background as an underground coal miner, Rob has a unique leadership style. His engine runs on a passionate commitment to his clients and co-workers. Unlike many today, Rob follows through on what he starts and does what he says he is going to do. He is your “Foxhole Buddy” to get the job done.

Rob Balmer has “Old School” values and has never been afraid of hard work. His tribe of “HECM-ites” are on a mission to help educate 34 million seniors that qualify for the FHA HECM today. By the year 2020, an estimated 50 million baby boomers qualify. He has built an army of happy clients who help spread the good news about the basics and benefits of a lifestyle being mortgage payment free with their friends, family and loved ones. One of his clients coined the phrase “If you’re 62… it’s the thing to do.”


Travel and Have Fun

All my life I had scrimped and saved to someday enjoy my “Golden” years. Problem was living on monthly Social Security check of $1,400 and paying my $675 monthly mortgage. My golden was not so golden. I could manage but it was not how I expected it to be. I wanted to enjoy my retirement, travel and have fun.

A friend told me about what Rob had done for them. With my HECM, I paid off my mortgage. I just got back from an Alaskan cruise and I’m planning my next trip. No more house payments ever again plus money in the bank now. Having fun.

- Anna C
Improved Monthly Cash Flow

My wife and I talked it over and we wanted to be completely debt free. She wanted to retire. She was in a high pressure job and she wanted to get out from under that. We had a few bills we wanted to clear out. So we decided to go with the FHA HECM and used it to pay off our debts including the mortgage.

We heard about HECM primarily from letters in the mail and then researched it further. We called to find out about it and with all of the information we received, we went with Rob Balmer at The Federal Savings Bank. It was a great experience. Rob, our FHA HECM Advisor, was wonderful and went through every detail.

Since we have gotten it; (it will be going on two years now since we got our HECM) we have just been so relieved that all of our bills are paid off. We have a fair amount of money in my savings, and we are secure. Overall this experience has been very satisfying. No more financial pressure. We now enjoy peace of mind.

- Bill B
Just a note to let you know how thankful I am that you introduced me to HECM Mortgage. This has taken a great weight off my shoulders. The process was very easy and no hassles. Even when a hurricane out East threatened to delay the process. You and your people were extremely professional in all aspects.

- Chuck Y
Smart Financial Tool

We did just like our parents had instructed us and paid off our mortgage 20 years ago. Our home was free and clear but we were struggling to pay our monthly living expenses.

One day after exploring other possible solutions we got a letter in the mail about the FHA HECM. The thing that stood out that day was we could access the equity without losing our home ownership rights. This meant a perfect fit. We always thought with this type of program we signed over the title to our home. We were mistaken.

Rob Balmer was very patient with us as we tried to understand the FHA HECM of today versus how we thought it worked. We were so far off it was embarrassing for us. The HECM Counselor was also very reassuring to support the facts. We had made poor financial choices in the past. We all have. Rob explained the HECM is the Great Equalizer to make up for past set backs out of our control.

We don’t have to move or sell our home. We get to stay and continue to do what we always have pay our property taxes, insurance and keep the home in good repair. This decision was easy for us. Things are getting more expensive every year. With our HECM we can face the future with confidence. We share the good news about HECM with everyone regardless of their situation. Two of our best friends now enjoy a stress free retirement. It has been a wonderful experience. We wished we had done this years ago. Thank you Rob!

- Dale R
Move Closer to Family

My husband passed away this year. My son and grandchildren live 275 miles away. I was alone and wanted to live closer to them. My son suggested that we talk to Rob as he has been a family friend for over 35 years. After much brainstorming we made a plan to do a FHA HECM Purchase to be near my son. I was still dealing with the loss of my husband. Rob explained how it worked and set the wheels in motion.

I took the 100,000 life insurance proceeds from my husband and bought a beautiful patio home for 280,000 4 blocks from my son with no monthly payments ever required. This gave me the time required to sell my old home for a fair price. I would not have to take the first offer.

Amazingly, my original home that had been on the market for months sold once we set this plan into action. I took those proceeds and replaced my nest egg for emergencies.

The Good Lord had his hand in all of this and used Rob as my earthly angel to make it happen. It was a magical experience. I tell everyone in hopes of giving them a better life. It is such a blessing for me to have taken the time to learn about the HECM during my ordeal. If you are reading this you are reading it for a reason. Take the next step. You can trust Rob. I knew him when he used to sport a mustache.

- Dianne G
Home Renovation

I was very skeptical at first, but before I do anything I look into it carefully. So I did the research before I made the decision. I checked everything out and I felt comfortable with it.

I am using the HECM to get everything fixed up on my house. The HECM has made things easier. When I need money it is there. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

It was a quick process. Everyone explained everything and they were all so helpful. Really, how could anyone not be happy with this?

- Jerry K
Preparing for the Unexpected

FHA HECM just made the most sense for our financial situation. It fits our needs. We needed the funds for financial security, not big purchases. It paid off our existing mortgage and home equity loan so the left over money is just perfect for investment and security. Best part is No More house payments every month.

In our situation, we thought it through, we had a lot of different options to look at and now that it is done, we feel secure and comfortable with our decision. We are very happy. It was right financially and it was right emotionally. It helps secure us for whatever happens down the road.

We have known about this for a while. We probably heard about them through TV or print ads. In the end, the make or break for us was really the people we worked with at The Federal Savings Bank. Our FHA HECM Advisor, Rob Balmer was fantastic. He was honest and confident. He was great from the beginning all the way through to the end. Rob showed us how it works for our situation. We are forever grateful that we took the time to meet with him. He changed our life.

- Tony D
I had heard about the idea of “reverse mortgages” for the past decade, but I had not thought much about it until recently. It wasn’t until I talked to Rob Balmer about the concept that I started to think seriously about the pros and cons for our situation.

Rob’s presentation of the facts about HECM, especially the federally insured aspect that protects our children from any future liability, piqued my interest greatly. The primary goal of my wife and I was to rid ourselves of a mortgage payment. The HECM program allowed us to achieve that goal. The feeling of liberation the HECM program provided to us is almost unbelievable—to continue to live on our home without a monthly mortgage payment and to be able to use the money in alternative ways.

I wholeheartedly support the HECM program and would recommend it to any homeowner to consider in planning for the future. We concluded there were no significant downsides to HECM, and we are glad the opportunity was open to us.

- William S