Reneé Kee Photo

Reneé Kee

HECM Advisor


Reneé has been licensed in Mortgage lending since 1992. She specializes in helping people structure their finances to “WIN” in any circumstance. Her goal is that it will be the last time her client restructures their finances because we have fit them for the FUTURE not just for NOW.

Reneé specializes in Retirement Mortgages. Those at the age of Baby Boomers are concentrating on staying in their homes during the retirement years and during medical issues by having the finances to live in dignity in their home. Reneé is here to assist in freeing up all that is needed and is passionate about it because she is a Baby Boomer and understands. She enjoys working with experienced home finance clients and loves leaning in with newer and first-time clients. Breaking down what is needed to get them approved and how to achieve it in the most streamlined way relieves a good amount of stress during the process.

Reneé lives in Manteca, CA with her husband, together they have four loving children and four loving grandchildren. Reneé loves to volunteer almost anywhere she goes, locally or internationally. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and traveling.