Rebecca Slapo Photo

Rebecca Slapo

Mortgage Banker


Rebecca Viviane Slapo came to the United States at the age of nine from Casablanca, Morocco. She speaks French, Arabic and some Hebrew. She is a mortgage banker with over twenty years of experience. She has worked closely with realtors and attorneys to pre-qualify potential customers for mortgage loan approval. Over the years Rebecca has been able to help clients attain their dream homes.

Her vast knowledge and expertise ensures that her clients are receiving superior guidance in pursuing one the most personal long-term investments of their lifetime. Her strong attention to detail and work ethic provides a seamless loan approval process that is consistent all the way to the closing table. Rebecca values the importance of strong customer service and building as well as maintaining positive relationships.

Rebecca likes to stay active by dancing and attending the gym. She loves spending time with her three grandchildren, one grandson and two granddaughters. Rebecca also loves to travel and has traveled to several different countries like China, France, and Israel. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys cooking traditional Moroccan dishes such as couscous.