Ravi Chand Photo

Ravi Chand

Vice President


Ravi holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of California in business management/economics and psychology. He’s also eighty percent complete with his MBA from Colorado State. At eighteen years old, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps, where he served six years, and deployed to Iraq where he earned the National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. He was going to become a career Marine Officer but ended up Service-Connected due to a plaguing back injury received in Iraqi combat operations.

Ravi joined The Federal Savings Bank after performing in the top one-two percent of each mortgage company he’s worked for and brings over eight years of mortgage banking experience. He reads upwards of four to five books per month to stay on top of all financial strategies and ensure his financial advice is top notch. He’s already achieved financial freedom through investments, so today he works excessively hard to help others improve their financial lives. He especially loves helping fellow veterans and loves that the VA loan allows so much creativity to do so. He prides himself in being always accessible to his clients, extremely efficient, and very hard working. Ravi loves the mortgage industry because no other industry allows him to help others achieve the dream of home ownership, or to intelligently use their equity to propel their financial success.

Ravi is an avid traveler, having visited forty-one countries so far. He loves scuba diving, history, animals, investing, podcasts, documentary’s, hiking, and reading. He starts every day focusing on what he’s grateful for; at the top of that list is his wife, his friends, and his daily opportunity to help others make better financial decisions.