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Raphael Hirsch

Mortgage Banker


Raphael Hirsch is a native of Atlanta, GA. Having completed Touro College in NY, he moved back to Atlanta to live with his wife and newborn child. Joining the mortgage industry in 2003, he built a name for himself by guiding customers away from the pitfalls of exotic mortgages and the dangers of buying homes that they could not afford.

Raphael strives to provide the best customer service experience possible to his customers, and runs a highly successful business built solely on referral business.


Raphael Hirsch with The Federal Savings Bank is an outstanding Loan officer. His expertise, professionalism and tireless efforts to get the job done surpass any other loan officer I have worked with in the last 25 years. My client had been preapproved by two of the largest lending institutions, only to be denied at the last minute. We had exhausted all extensions and my client was in jeopardy of losing his earnest money. Raphael was able to gather all the information, consult and advise client, and get his loan approved through underwriting. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to “save the deal” in record time.

- Betsy C
Piece of cake... I still have no clue how the math works, how you make money, how I come out so well in terms of reduced monthly payments, same principal balance, all taxes paid PLUS some cash back when the dust settles...

Just amazing! A total mystery to me!

Thanks for everything, Raphi!!

- Cliff A
Just received your gift and wanted to say thank you for both the gift, as well as how painless this entire process has been. I was impressed with just how easy it was... and that the only frustrating aspects were technological and all seem to have originated on my end.

We're really excited to get all moved in this weekend and start enjoying our new home!

- Dave D
I closed on my home today; my closing went so smooth. Raffi took his time explaining all the financial jargon and made it easy to understand. The whole process took less than an hour and stress free.

Thanks, Raphael.

- Hanan D
Thank you so much for refi (again!) Everything went smoothly.

- Levi G
When deciding it was time to purchase a home after a few years of renting, we were referred to Raphael Hirsch by our Realtor, whom we trusted greatly. We took an instant liking to Raphael and his openly honest, no holds barred personality. He was knowledgeable, quick and efficient. He patiently walked us through every step of the process. Raphael exceeded all of our expectations and we greatly appreciate his professionalism. It was a pleasure working with Raphael!

- Scott T and Laura C
I would like to formally commend Raphael Hirsch for the level of outstanding experiences and services he provided. His professional skills as well as interpersonal style are remarkable. The level he demonstrated in processing my mortgage loan within than months. He is a friendly, high-energy individual with a great sense of humor and value his clients.

I would like to reiterate, he is a guarantee person, who will process and deliver your mortgage loan to you in a timely manner.

- Surlisa GM