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Although he is originally an Idaho native, Preston Beck moved to Wyoming for a few years until he graduated high school. Preston began his love for prestigious achievement by pursuing Pre-Med at college in Wyoming directly after graduating high school. After pursuing that career path for some time, he decided that his destiny lie elsewhere. Preston then packed up and left his family and friends, making his way down to the Arizona to pursue his future in banking. He is goal-driven and finds the most joy in problem solving, setting new goals, and reaching new levels of success that he never thought possible.

Preston is also a graduate of the arduous, and discerningly selective Legends Program offered by The Federal Savings Bank. He is one of only 9 students to have graduated the program, which considered nearly 80 candidates. Preston quickly found his love for the industry, thriving on the competitive environment and fitting in perfectly. What separates Preston is his work ethic and his unwavering commitment to putting his customers first, which also placed him at the top of his class. He takes the utmost pride and care into each opportunity and customer that comes his way. Preston is known for having a great attitude and always has smile on his face. He is happy-go-lucky and is known to be a jokester, always having a good time and making friends anywhere he goes.

Preston is also an adventurous person and loves to ride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle whenever he can. He can be found all around the Phoenix Valley with his friends or just exploring for what new opportunities he can find. Hiking and camping are necessary events during the summer; however, he is quick to snowboard on the slopes of Arizona Snowbowl during the winter. He is extremely active and staying healthy is a priority for him. Preston plays hard, but he works harder. When he is not travelling or participating in his favorite pastimes outside of work, he can be found working hard at the office.