Peter Munguia Photo

Peter Munguia

Vice President


  • VA Loan Specialist
Peter Munguia graduated from Northwood University with a BBA triple major in economics, banking & finance, and business management. He began his career in the mortgage industry in 2012 and has funded over $300 million during his time as a mortgage banker. Throughout his professional career, he has received numerous tops sales and leadership awards, as well as being one of the top bankers at the largest direct lender in the country.

Peter has had a long-standing history of serving the community as a reliable mortgage lender, earning the trust and respect of many top local builders and real estate agents. This is due to his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of loan products, secondary markets, and underwriting guidelines. Peter and his team can help keep the loan process understandable and put their customers at ease during each step of the process. He attributes his success to his commitment to superior service, integrity, ethics, and building client relationships.

Peter has lived in Nashville, Tennessee for three years with his wife Kira and their two sons, Mason and Maddox. When away from work, he enjoys spending time at the lake boating or jet skiing with family and friends. Peter loves spending time outdoors and traveling to Florida or Michigan to see family and play golf.


Extremely happy interacting with Peter, I would only work with him. Thank you!

- Arthur M
From day one Peter has been an outstanding person to communicate with, my overall dealings with your bank has been noteworthy in all aspects. Thank you!

- Arthur M
I am not sure how I got connected with Peter Munguia but I am glad I did. He handled the process very professionally and I do appreciate his efforts.

- Clyde B
Mr. Peter Munguia is very professional and detail oriented in his work, and goes above and beyond to ensure all paper is presented in the best possible manner. He was always reaching out to help correct any overlaps in personnel assigned within the group. Much appreciated.

- Evan P
Very pleased with the service provided!

- Harvey E
My mortgage banker, Peter Munguia,, was excellent. He well exceeded what was expected of him , in my opinion. Any questions at any time were answered with enthusiasm and his knowledge. You are lucky that he is on your team. A job well done, Peter. Look forward to talking to you again.

- John C
The entire process took only less than one month and we were very satisfied with the results.

- Mark S
The entire process was great and I’m very satisfied with the end results. I would recommend Peter to anyone looking for a VA loan.

- Robert B
They were very easy to deal with and they were very prompt with every thing we did. I would recommend The Federal Savings Bank to anyone who was thinking about refinancing.

- Rosalind H