Paul Bozek Photo

Paul Bozek

Mortgage Banker


Paul Bozek had the pleasure of attending Illinois State University, where he studied Sociology and Economics. Upon graduation he immediately jumped into his banking career. He started as a compliance officer with The Federal Savings Bank in Chicago. While on the job he gained critical knowledge about the home purchase process and saw the joy of being a part of a home purchase. Soon after his start, he transitioned into his role as a mortgage banker.

Paul knew for some time that becoming a mortgage banker was a passion of his. Growing up in an immigrant family, his parents taught him the value of owning a home. His sole goal is to help everyone achieve that dream of home ownership. Finding ways to connect people and grow communities is truly what this career is all about. He prides himself on being able to walk anyone through the home purchase process step by step to guarantee that there is no confusion. Being a recent graduate, he likes to keep the mindset of being a student. This means that he is always learning about new products and tools that can be used to help make the client’s dream of home ownership a reality.

When he is away from his work, he enjoys keeping in touch with his old professors from Illinois State and occasionally visiting, Go Red Birds! He also keeps himself busy, whether it is flying planes, performing trapeze with his girlfriend, or out playing golf.