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Patricia Aponte

Mortgage Banker


Patricia Aponte has an unparalleled commitment to her customers and their experience when purchasing a home. While working as a mortgage banker assistant, Patty mastered the skills necessary to be a successful banker and has since made that transition into working as a dedicated mortgage banker.

Patty’s unique perspective on problem solving and her in-depth understanding of each client has been particularly valuable to her in working within the mortgage industry. She has a strong understanding of the federal and Fannie Mae guidelines, which has allowed her to serve homebuyers who have used the lending process to renovate their homes. Additionally, her strong attention to detail has been key in her success with assisting individuals with finding their most compatible loan products.

A native of Colombia, South America, Patty is bilingual in English and Spanish. She enjoys scuba diving, world travel and can cook the best roast pork you’ve ever tasted! Patty is a proud mother to her son, an active member of the United States Marines Corps and spends as such time traveling with him as possible.