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Parker McMahan is a Graduate of the University of Illinois, receiving a degree in English writing while working at the Chicago Board of Trade. He continued his career in the financial sector eventually managing global commercial grain hedging and merchandising, and trading for global hedge funds. In 2012 he moved into the home mortgage world to help refinance, U.S. Veteran market. Parker takes his professional financial responsibilities personally and strives to find ways to help everyone maximize benefits. He is a native of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

With over 30 years of experience in the financial, consulting, customer service industry, Parker has an easy way of helping customers understand what their financial decision means, and all benefits they will receive. He has helped hundreds of people with refinancing and purchasing homes, as well as consolidate existing debts, saving clients tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest. He prides himself on being able to improve people’s financial situation and make their assets work for them.

Parker and his family live in the City of Chicago, along with their dog, cat, and chickens. He enjoys playing the piano, martial arts, driving off-road, and is involved with his church.