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From the Chicagoland suburbs, Noah discovered his penchant for helping people while starting a career in telecom sales. It was an experience that taught him the healthy marriage of hard work and reward, while instilling the concept that helping others get what they want is a great path to reach your own goals! Noah has since joined the mortgage industry and has yet to look back.

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” – President Theodore Roosevelt. A sentiment that encapsulates a strong facet of the American Ethos, and one that Noah Martin strives to be a shining example of! Blending a passion of history and humanity, Noah’s pursuit pairs perfectly with the mission of The Federal Savings Bank: Helping to manifest the goals of hard-working Americans and the hallowed heroes that protect them. Noah truly looks forward to helping his clients achieve their financial goals here at the Bank!

Outside of work, you might find Noah in thrift stores searching for old records, at the library looking for the next book to read or playing music at various blues clubs and rock venues throughout Chicagoland.