Nimish Sheth Photo

Nimish Sheth

Mortgage Banker


Nimish Sheth graduated from California State University East Bay with a degree in Finance. After graduating, he immediately started working as a loan officer for one of the largest mortgage companies in the Bay Area. It was there that he learned the industry, and realized his love for the industry and potential as a loan officer. Nimish worked in the Bay Area for a few years before moving to the big apple. In New York City, he continued to work as a mortgage banker for the next 9 years before transitioning his career again to become a licensed financial specialist. Within this position, Nimish sold all financial products ranging from mortgages to personal and business accounts, mutual funds, and more. He thrived within this position, and went on to became a top performer within his district before returning the mortgage financing industry. After his return to the mortgage industry, Nimish went on to build relationships with Columbia University and the local hospital. He served as the direct contact for all Columbia University and hospital employees looking to discuss mortgage financing options. Nimish continues to work as a trusted and reliable mortgage banker.

Nimish brings more than12 years of experience within the mortgage and financial services industries to The Federal Savings Bank. He continues to work with employees of different companies, from small to large, helping them find the best mortgage financing option to achieve their dream of homeownership. Nimish knows and understands that each of his clients and organizations he represents are different, and works hard to help identify their immediate and long term financial goals both individually and on a corporate level. He relies on this knowledge and his strong attention to detail to help find the best loan product to meet their goals. Because of his extensive knowledge of available programs, problem solving skills and commitment to excellence, Nimish ensures his clients receive superior guidance as they pursue one of the most personal investments of their lifetime.

Nimish currently resides in the Bay Area of California. When away from work, he loves to watch sports, barbecue, travel, and spend time with his large family.