Nicole Reece Photo

Nicole Reece

Mortgage Banker


Nicole Reece attended college in the Kansas City area. She began her career in mortgage lending and financial services while living in the KC Metro. In past, Nicole has had an extensive career in the home improvement industry, which lead her to have a very diverse knowledge of home remodeling and the trends that go along with it.

Nicole has spent the past several years as a Loan Officer. She loves to help new homeowners and current homeowners achieve their American dream. Nicole’s overall motto is: “She likes to take the scary out of mortgages, and to treat you like one friend helping another”. She wants you to know how important it is to choose the right banker because the relationship between banker and borrower is unique and built on trust. For her, it does not matter if you are wanting to buy a home for the first time, refinance, or even building your dream home, she just feels it is important that you obtain a professional, such as herself, who is able to give you strong financial advice as to what is the best fit for you and your family.

Nicole’s focus outside of your family is her family. You can find her constantly on the move with family-oriented events at any given time. She has a blended family from her recent marriage and has two girls 13 and 6. Nicole happens to be a very avid Chief’s and Royals fan, and do not forget to ask her about Kansas City Bar-B-Q. She is a Kansas City native but feels she should be on the West Coast to watch the sunset over the ocean.