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Nick Golani

Mortgage Banker


Ninous “Nick” Golani graduated from the University of Michigan. After obtaining his degree, he began his career at an aerospace company where he found that he was a people person and excelled with mathematics. From there he began an extensive career in mortgage lending and financial services. While living in Michigan, he spent several years as a loan officer and director helping home buyers with various finance programs. He later moved to Tennessee, where he continued to build his career as a talented and reliable mortgage banker.

With over 8 years of real estate and mortgage lending experience, Ninous has the knowledge and expertise to help each borrower structure the optimal mortgage to achieve their financial goals. Ninous prides himself on taking the time needed to understand his customers’ immediate and long-term goals, finding the best financial solution to achieve their objectives. Having helped countless clients, he understands how confusing the home buying and refinancing processes can be and he works hard to walk each client through in an organized and efficient manner. Because of his extensive knowledge of available programs, problem solving skills, and steadfast commitment to customer service, Ninous ensures each client receives superior guidance as they pursue one of the most personal investments of their lifetime.

Ninous resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife. He is active in the church and the community. He contributes to charities regularly and goes to all functions to support. Combining his love for the outdoors and commitment to good health, Ninous can be found most mornings running, biking, or walking with his wife and family dog. He also enjoys yoga, meditation, skydiving, rock climbing, and other various extreme sports.