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Natasia Gomez is a Chicago native. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. Upon her return to Chicago she began her career in a social service setting, providing case management services for adults with mental illness and children with a history of trauma and abuse. Her passion for assisting clients in meeting their goals paved the way for her transition to the mortgage industry, expanding her skill set to aid individuals with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lifetime.

Financing your dream home or refinancing your home sweet home does not have to be overwhelming. Natasia takes pride in being a mortgage professional that maintains open communication throughout the loan process. She finds value in ensuring her clients are confident in their decision and educated on all aspects of the loan process. Her knowledge of various loan products and time invested with each client allow her to tailor loans to clients’ financial needs. Natasia builds lasting relationships that allow for continued support beyond one transaction. She serves as a resource and takes pride in her work. Natasia provides assurance to her clients that creating and managing their mortgage over time is executed with attention to detail.

When she is not guiding clients through the lending process, Natasia enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves volunteering and can be found trying to encourage others to participate in 5Ks for a cause. Fun fact: she once cut all her hair off for a Locks of Love event she organized.