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Mozzy Azarian was born and raised in the heart of Texas and has lived throughout the US and overseas in China. He has a background in finance and has spent over a decade helping his clients save money. After graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas, he began his career in construction and real estate with the largest privately held company in the industry before transitioning into his current role as a Mortgage Banker. He was able to learn the industry while simultaneously assisting every client with their dream of home ownership. Mozzy’s dedication to his clients, and ability to find the most beneficial products and savings for his clients, is unmatched.

Throughout his career, Mozzy made sure to specialize in focusing on client service and transparency, ensuring the most positive experience for his customers. He is experienced in several different loan products including VA, FHA and conventional loans, and is knowledgeable in many different facets of the mortgage industry. His focus consistently remains on helping his clients accomplish their goals and understand the loan process as it applies to them.

Outside of work Mozzy spends time with his wife and dogs. He keeps busy with activities such as his piano compositions, playing sports and travelling with his family.