Mohamad Serhan Photo

Mohamad Serhan

Mortgage Banker


Moe Serhan graduated from Northeast Ohio Medical University with a PharmD degree. After graduating, Moe spent several years as a pharmacy manager at one of the largest health companies in the nation. His focus was on giving back to the community through patient education, public outreach, and volunteer work. Moe also has several years of experience in real estate. He co-founded a successful real estate brokerage in Manhattan.

With previous experience in real estate and a passion for improving people's lives, he segued into mortgage lending soon thereafter. Moe found immediate success in this new field through providing his clients with honesty and transparency. He takes pride in what he does and believes that his services help improve lives. Because of his knowledge of the industry, compassion, and healthcare background, Moe offers a unique approach to the lending process with his clients’ best interest at heart.

Moe resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife of 3 years. Combining his love for different cultures and travel, Moe takes advantage of every chance to try new restaurants and vacation with his wife.