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Mitchel Averhoff began his real estate career working for a title company while attending college.  He eventually moved up to an assistant VP position where he travelled to different states to open new offices and hire and train individuals in the title insurance industry.  Here is where Mitch developed relationships with his biggest mortgage lending clients and eventually began his career in the mortgage banking industry.

Having an extensive title insurance career, as well as experience in establishing offices in different states, led Mitch to open offices in Tennessee and Kentucky for a mortgage broker out of Florida.  With over 25 years of real estate experience, Mitch can assist borrowers in a complete way and prides himself on trying to understand his clients’ needs.  Even though Mitch eventually went on to open his own title insurance company, it ultimately led him to return to the field which gave him the most fulfilment in the mortgage business.  Being bi-lingual, Mitch has dedicated his career in the mortgage banking business to helping the underserved Hispanic community.  Here he’s able to educate Hispanics on how to better prepare to get approved for mortgage loans to buy homes by establishing or improving their credit, making sure to manage their investments properly, and addressing any circumstances where his clients are able to improve upon weaknesses that may prevent them from getting approved.

Mitch currently resides in Smyrna, TN with his wife of 22 years and son.  He enjoys reading, cooking, and an occasional golf outing but mostly spending time with his family.