For over thirty years Miriam B. Ruiz has navigated her way through a career in finance, real estate, and mortgage banking. In her time in the industry Miriam has cherished her ability to cultivate new talent, as well as spearheading nation leading sales teams. Miriam’s diverse experiences in the industry makes her an asset to those around her in a business environment as well as in the various community organizations she is active in. Miriam has developed deep personal relationships and partnerships with national and local community service organizations such as the AFL-CIO, ACS, Hispanic Federation, NYC Central Labor Council and many more.

Born and raised in the boroughs of New York City, Miriam began her career as a mortgage assistant while working her way through college. Throughout her career Miriam has held multiple leadership positions at various Fortune 100 companies, and has had the opportunity to train and cultivate some of the premier minds in the industry. In February of 2015, Miriam chose to join the Federal Savings Bank and presents herself as a valuable asset in their expansion across the NYC-metro market

In her spare time Miriam enjoys spending time with her family, and dedicates time to various organizations. She brings knowledge and hope to future homeowners throughout diverse communities by volunteering at organizations such as Parker Jewish Institute Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Save Our Sisters, local youth sports programs, and various causes for the homeless.