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Michael Mushlin was born the oldest of 6 children in Saint Louis, MO.  You could say the mortgage business runs in his family’s blood.  Michael’s dad, one brother and one sister all work in the mortgage business to this day and Michael has been helping families to purchase and refinance their homes since 2001.

Since joining The Federal Savings Bank, Michael continues his long tradition of putting people first by offering world class customer service for borrowers, team members and realtors alike. He knows how long and confusing the loan process can get, which is why he always takes the time to understand each one of his clients and their financial goals. This allows Michael to do his job to the absolute best of his abilities. Michael promises everyone who works with him that they will receive nothing short of top tier communication and customer care.

After taking a few years off to travel Europe, Michael returned to the United States where he has lived in Saint Louis, Chicago, Dallas and for the last 14 years, San Diego, CA where he calls home. Michael is very active in his local church, loves trying new restaurants and traveling, and serves as Chairman of the Board of one of the nation’s premier Medical Clinics, as well.  Michael is also an avid reader and is a volunteer coach for leadership trainings throughout the year.