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Michael Mackinder began his client relationship experience in the telecommunication sales industry assessing and meeting needs for both private and commercial clients. Michael went into the banking industry in 2012 and was able to achieve fast success by utilizing his relationship building expertise, along with his math and financial background. In 2013, he joined one of the largest banks in America and quickly learned to thrive in a high volume, fast-paced, and ever-changing mortgage environment.

Having worked solely in high volume environments, he was able to gain vast product knowledge and experience that could take others decades to gain in lower volume institutions. He is dedicated to always finding the best solution to fit his customers’ needs and strongly believes that his clients’ experiences are a direct reflection on himself as a mortgage banker. Throughout his career, Michael has originated new loans and continued to build his rapport with his current clients to assist to their current and future mortgage needs.

In his personal life, he spends a great deal of time with family and friends. He loves going to sporting events, concerts, or just about any special event that might be in town. He also loves to travel and go camping whenever scheduling permits.